The Quantum Entrepreneur:
Claim Your Destiny

Have you had enough of working hard and struggle?

You may feel you’ve done it all and nothing worked.

Unlock the formula that already exists within you!

“When we’re not living what we’re here to do,
the pain gets louder till we pay attention.” Wanda Vitale

Life will never be the same after this year.  I’m going to show you a cutting edge, powerful formula – a quantum formula – I created that will transform your life and skyrocket your business …. in unimaginable ways.

You might not know exactly what your unique purpose is, let alone how to market it and thrive.

Or you might know what your sacred purpose is, but have not been able to make it work in the world.

But you know this…

You have a strong burning fire inside that never goes away.  You know deep down you’re here for a greater purpose.

-Are you thinking  ‘I don’t know what makes me unique?  Besides, who am I to think this is something the world needs or wants – and will pay me for it?’

-Have you experienced the excruciating pain of offering your most precious gifts, only to be judged or shamed or rejected?

-Even with the pain, do you see that telling yourself you don’t know enough, or aren’t good enough just won’t cut it any longer?

-Do you really understand the priceless value of what you embody so effortlessly and only you can offer?

-Are you ready to navigate your business with strategies that far outpace simple logic and reason?

If you answered yes but aren’t sure what comes next, you’re in exactly the right place.

I’m Wanda Vitale and I’ve been where you are.

Though most thought I had a thriving career, I had a separate life as a closet mystic while managing sales teams and multi-million dollar deals, and had no idea how any of that translated to my sacred work.  Or how to turn it into anything that felt expansive, abundant, and free.

When I surrendered to my path, everything changed.  In the absence of resistance, I became a fully functional member of my higher dimensional team and gained the ability to facilitate others.  My higher levels started working with me and through me with clients to integrate past life trauma that kept old stories of unworthiness, suffering, and powerlessness in place.  Then the focus expanded.

It became clear that each person already carries a unique quantum blueprint that, when fully activated, magnetizes everything – and everyone – required to thrive for their sacred work.    Those on the planet during this Great Transformation who are here to influence others – and that includes you – have the plan and the ability to attract whatever and whoever you need to get your message out.  Together we will activate it.   You’re being called into service NOW!

The Quantum Entrepreneur Course delivers a powerful, cutting edge formula that shifts you into an entirely new world – the quantum world of all possibilities aligned with your unique soul signature.

Your Journey Starts Here!

Week 1: Deepening your relationship to the quantum field

  • The intrinsic rules of creating with the field of all possibilities
  • Money, value, self love:  the power to attract anything
  • Unlock the keys to your quantum success mindset

Week 2: Access the unique power within you and understand your unique way of interacting with the field of all possibilities

  • Master the creation formula
  • Integrate the aspects of you that have the plan
  • Living outside the realm of fear and impossibility

Week 3: Clarify your unique energetic business blueprint and nail your niche

  • Nail your unique niche and brand:  embody the magic only you can do
  • Magnetize the people who are ready to work with you, no matter their understanding
  • Creating an avatar: get inside your audience’s head

Week 4: Understand your specific formula for success. We’re joined by Human Design expert and Energetic Alignment Master, Katie Garten Briscoe

  • Understand the unique way you interact with the field of all possibilities
  • Stop any second-guessing
  • Mastermind your unique marketing plan

Week 5: Brand Alignment: Develop and deliver a consistent energy signature, with guest facilitator, Peter Clark Nelson of Unleash Your Inspire Voice, content strategist and author

  • Translate your unique brand into powerful messaging specifically for your audience
  • Become magnetic to everyone and everything you need to reach your audience and grow your revenue
  • Create content and strategy based on your unique energy signature

Week 6: Translate your unique brand into powerful messaging that magnetizes your audience. Guest facilitator and messaging midwife, Liria Mersini of

  • Translate your magic: writing compelling copy that translates to sales
  • Lead magnets: expanding your audience
  • Putting it all together: vision, mindset and strategy

Week 7: Claim your authority, step into your personal blueprint to embody your vision in the world

  • Unlock the feel-good formula for inspired action and creation
  • Master decision making for effective results
  • Thriving in the quantum field of all possibilities


  • One on one session to activate your own unique blueprint, valued at $375
  • 3 Monthly Group Mastermind Sessions after the program ends, valued at $1,125

You’ll leave the program with a new relationship with fear and doubt – and possibility.

You’ll be clear on your message and impact.

You will know how to apply energetic laws of creation for any areas of your life.

You’ll leave with a strategy and plan that’s guaranteed to bring in ideas, create traction and clients and income.



It was very revealing as I was working on our worksheets for the week and identifying where I give my power away and to whom I give it away. Keywords to whom, and my big realization was that ‘the other’ that takes my power resides within me in my mind.

My physical symptoms are clearing up and I feel a weight lift.  It’s just been the most wonderful thing.  And it was interesting, tied to so much physical pain. I just can’t thank all of you enough for stimulating my heart, my soul, my silly mind. I can’t wait for more.  Beth H.

After being in this group, talking through abundance blocks, examining my limiting beliefs, rewriting the story,, I finally overcame the fear and am putting myself out there in a way that values my abilities and honors the work that I do in service of others. Thank you for your support throughout this process – the group has helped me get this stuff out there!  Song A.

Wanda helped me remember my magic. Who Am I? I AM that I AM. Who am I not to remember and be that and share with the world.  Darlene S.

I experience huge shifts every time we connect.  It’s been life changing!  Crystalline G.

The Details


Start Date:  Sunday, August 16th, 10:00 AM Mountain/5:00 AM CET

Course Length:  7 weeks

Payment:  $495 Early Bird Pricing extended to August 9th.

Full Course Price:  $695

Need a payment plan?  No problem, lets talk!

Materials needed:  journal or notebook

Note:  Recordings for each week will be provided

Everyone will be part of a private Facebook Group:  The Quantum Entrepreneur:  Your Unique Energy Signature 

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