The Quantum Mindset

Co-facilitated by Wanda Vitale and Peter Clark Nelson, The Quantum Mindsetis a 6-week virtual group course starting on 2/13/2020 and concluding on 3/19/2020.

The Quantum Mindsetprovides a safe, supportive, and empowering space for Quantum Entrepreneurs, Master Teachers,

and Heart-Centered Leaders to…

…identify and dissolve lingering energetic distortions, unplug from cultural programming, and transmute ancestral wounds so you can…

live, serve, and share your sacred purpose with the world without limitations!

You know fear is an illusion, and you’ve worked for years on dissolving fear-based beliefs.

But is fear something that still keeps you stuck? 

If you’re still stuck in fear and re-cycling the old trauma, unworthiness stories, but know there is a way out of that…

…The Quantum Mindset™ course is for you!



for the NEW & EXPANDED 


This $300 savings off the $850 enrollment fee is available up to 1/31/2020.  

“I got a completely new mindset from The Quantum Mindset!  Every week I learned where to put my mind as I did the homework. Because I know where to put my mind now, and how to use it, I don’t go into the old loops when they come up.

There were a lot of pieces that came together every week and the homework and group kept me focused on my acceleration. What I learned I would have paid triple for!! I mean you can’t really put a price on joy and peace from a new mindset.

Thank you – you were my survival. And it’s really so simple – dream, imagine, feel.”

~ Natasha Weeks ~

What if there’s a hidden belief in our human mindset that keeps us in a paradoxical and painful loop thinking what got us here will take us to where we truly desire to be?

As we further ride the wave of these auspicious energies sweeping through our planet in 2020, many heart-centered leaders and Quantum Entrepreneurs are in the final throes of purging all that no longer serves.  This includes dissolving remaining traces of fear-based enslavement programs such as unworthiness, poverty consciousness, self-doubt, and lingering trauma of not fitting in. 

Does this sound all too familiar to you?

Like millions of others, during the past several months, maybe even the last few days, you may have found yourself questioning every single belief, even the ones you may still hold ever so tightly onto for your own sense of safety and self-worth.

If so that means you are fully aware you are being called on to be seen, heard, and felt on a bigger level than ever before this year.

And yet…

In spite of all the inner work you have done to be ready for what is now rapidly unfolding, do you still find yourself stuck in fear and asking…



The next steps you are taking are all about the fire of purification. It is part of the upgrading process. All the wounds, distortions, and programming are coming up for a final review. 

You are the Phoenix Child rising from the ashes of an old-world burnt to the ground by the spark of your unlimited inner Light. In the crucible of this death and re-birthing process, your true nature as a Divine Creatrix and Divine Creator of your reality is embraced.

That is unless you choose not to embody what your heart truly desires. If you are still choosing fear over unlimited potential The Quantum Mindset™ course is not for you. 

But if you know that you’re here to create a new world and…

…you do that by experiencing in yourself what you want to experience ‘out there’ then you are ready for what The Quantum Mindsetcourse is designed to deliver for you.

As the new Christed template continues to integrate, the old template of powerlessness dissolves. But to allow this to unfold without resistance requires you to trust that Source as Self is the way forward.

You can’t create from the old. This means all the old beliefs around any kind of limitation, lack or unworthiness have to go as well. 

This is where The Quantum Mindset™ 6-week virtual group course comes in.





During your transformative experience with The Quantum Mindset™ you will receive divine guidance and

timely mentorship on interrupting old patterns of fear along with a grounded process for integrating

your galactic aspects into your daily, human life.

Although each of the six LIVE classes are framed around specific topics and themes, they are highly interactive

experiences designed to focus on what is coming up in the moment for you.

You are here to imagine your new life into existence.  Therefore, we don’t ‘fix’ the illusion;

we create something else by over-writing the old.


✨ Anchoring your intentions and getting clear on your WHY.

How to know the game is rigged in your favor.

Why the mind is not in control and learning to trust your own inner GPS system.

Integration of your higher dimensional aspects.

Disrupting patterns through your unique expression of Source.

 The #1 thing that people do to abuse themselves that goes largely unnoticed.


✨Identifying what is getting in the way of cultivating a consistent Quantum Mindset

✨ Balancing, harmonizing, and optimizing our inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

Transforming your inner tormentor into your inner mentor.

✨Understanding the truth about tribal shaming and how to break free from its vicious grip on your inner peace.

✨Measuring your growth and how to apply this during difficult timeline shifts. 


How energy waves work and the role they play in creating our own reality.

 How to identify the energetic dynamics of 2020 to amplify your gifts and talents for maximum growth.

 Understanding the choice points of 2020 and how these are gateways for you to see what is needed to shift and be more in alignment with your inspiration.

The power of imagination and curiosity in cultivating a Quantum Mindset.

 Why questioning everything is your path to true freedom.


✨ Being clear on the difference between a Quantum Mindset and the traditional ‘success mindset’ so heavily promoted in the self-help and spiritual communities.

✨ Break unconscious self-sabotaging patterns and rewrite a new story for your life by dissolving the construct of the Hero’s Journey.

✨ Identifying and breaking the spell of poverty consciousness through 7 words. 

✨ Rewriting your life story by flipping the script of your interpretations and beliefs about your power to create your reality. 

Techniques for reviewing synchronicities during unsettling upheavals. 


✨ Staying focused, grounded, and practical during massive shifts.

Techniques for creating and spotting new opportunities in the Quantum Field.

✨ The two types of fear and how to clear the fear that does not serve you.

✨ Unlocking the old enslavement programs and how to crumble them from their core essence. 

✨ Understanding the mechanics of creation and how this illuminates your path from fear to discernment.  


How to overcome the top seven challenges a Quantum Entrepreneur faces.

✨ Identifying the energetic signature of your inspired message and how to align your message with the heart and soul of your audience. 

✨ How to unravel what gets in the way of speaking with, listening to, and communing with the Voice of your creations. 

✨ The power of integration, why this is so often overlooked and how to ground and integrate following major upgrades and activations. 

✨ Group review of sacred journey over the previous five weeks and identifying what is next. 



Are you ready to join us and your fellow Quantum Entrepreneurs

and begin consciously creating a New World from within

the Quantum Field?

If so, we will provide you a practical, grounded, and

galactic roadmap for identifying and navigating quantum level shifts

that are unfolding in your life and your heart-centered business. 

Meet Your Quantum Mindset Mentors


“Quantum Entrepreneurs understand how to navigate the field of all possibilities to create the lives they are destined to live: the life of their dreams. They use the input of their higher dimensional aspects. If you can dream it and feel it, and remove all the brakes there is nothing but fiery, pure creative energy.”




Wanda Vitale is a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and the creator behind the cutting-edge “The Quantum Entrepreneur” program. She collaborates with a global clientele, assisting them to step out of the limitation of logic and linearity and into the expression of their soul mission as sovereign multi-dimensional beings.

Working with a multidimensional team of galactics and other beings who accelerate the process of Diamond Light Body activations and The Eden Blueprint activations, Wanda’s sacred and highly activating work draws in coaches, mentors, and gifted healers from all over the world, assisting them to step out of the limitation of logic and into the beautiful expression of their soul mission as sovereign, multi-dimensional beings.

Along with her private 1:1 clients and group programs, Wanda also co-facilitates sacred journeys and global retreats with her business collaborator and best friend, Theresa Luttenegger.

Learn more about Wanda Vitale at:

“Thank you, Wanda and every single one of you in the group. My heart is overflowing with love for all of you and what we have created. I am honored and grateful to have participated in such an awe-inspiring and amazing group of wayshowers! I look forward to seeing what happens when we all expand into our paths of love. I totally enjoyed myself and loved every minute.”

~ JM ~


“More clients have been calling and I HAVEN’T DONE ANY MARKETING! All I did was upped my rates and changed my mindset. This is a testament to how if you answer the call of the universe and step into and believe in your divine power, the universe ultimately rewards you divinely. I’m soooo grateful for this group and all that is happening.”

~ SA~

“When the clutter of my mind, the responsibilities of home, the press of life threaten to distract me from my purpose, a session with Wanda always leads me back to my Highest Self. She essentially acts as a bridge allowing me to reaffirm my deepest calling to serve. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to be their most powerful and Divine Self!” 

~ KE ~


“Wanda is a guide, a teacher and a pillar of fire! If you are ready to take full responsibility for the life you create, to become completely conscious of the programming and energy you are holding in your field and projecting into physicality, I cannot say enough about working with Wanda Vitale. She is a clear and powerful conduit of Source energy. She sees the geometric patterning/mechanics of creation in the quantum field and empowers all she works with to create consciously and embrace their full power. She is a pioneer and a living, breathing experiment in consciousness. It’s an honor to call her my friend.”

~ Theresa Luttenegger ~

Meet Your Quantum Mindset Mentors


“Clarity does not come from confusing activity with accomplishment. This was part of the old paradigm.  If we are to serve as creative midwives in bringing forth a golden age of Unity Consciousness – in our lifetime – the old mindset must be allowed to dissolve so the new, Quantum Mindset can emerge.”




Peter is a cosmic storyteller whose sacred work is designed to shift mass consciousness into Unity Consciousness through the activation of people’s inspired voices and the harmonization of humanity’s Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. 

For nearly 20-years, Peter has joyously served as a creative midwife, content strategist, ghostwriter, and marketing advisor for an international client list that includes Hall of Fame athletes, Hollywood creatives, and best-selling authors.  During the past decade, he has placed a primary emphasis on mentoring and collaborating with heart-centered leaders, visionary creatives, and conscious-minded entrepreneurs whose creations are helping to birth a new world of Unity Consciousness.  

By creating a safe container to transmute any lingering energetic blockages to being seen, heard, and felt, Peter collaborates with clients on amplifying the power of their inspired message and aligning the energetic signature of their creations with the heart and soul of the audience it is designed for.

As the co-creator behind the virtual mentorship courses “The Abundance Activation™” and “The Quantum Mindset™”, Peter’s sacred and groundbreaking work focuses on the evolution of human consciousness through self-Love and Unity Consciousness, with an emphasis on optimizing and harmonizing one’s inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. This translates into joyously scaling your consciousness while profitably scaling a heart-centered business.

Peter is the co-host of the popular “The Activation™” FACEBOOK LIVE MasterClass Series which streams LIVE at 

Peter is also the host of the podcast, “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” with previous episodes to be viewed at

You can learn more about Peter @

“Peter is the best content strategist and marketing consultant I’ve ever hired. He is also one of the most brilliant content creators and sharpest, creative minds I’ve been around. Working with Peter clarified my brand messaging and produced one breakthrough after another. The collaborative process was effortless, enjoyable and profitable.”

~ Catherine Seda ~


“Over the course of six months, Peter helped guide and coach me through the creation of a book outline, developed my brand messaging and provided me a detailed roadmap for monetizing my new business. Peter’s unique skills are exemplary in helping people to achieve their goals and to become their best selves.”

~ Wendy Gladney~

“I found a lot of value in The Activation workshop and also The Abundance Activation virtual course.  Matthew’s guidance on getting clear that everything is happening through me and my beliefs are determining what I receive. Peter’s help in re-framing my mindset and belief about money, and that it’s ok for me to be seen, heard, and felt was incredibly life-changing.” 

~ La Trisha De Witt ~

“Omg, have things GREATLY shifted since we spoke…AMAZING!! I’m soooo deeply grateful, Peter, for all of your advice, you amazing being of light!!  I followed every piece of your advice…including doing the inner work on dissolving my fear of being judged as ‘selling out’ by other healers if I raised my prices. Based on our guidance, I changed my business FB Page and Instagram account to “Manifesting Alchemy”…and within a day…I got another 1,000 followers!!! From there, I created an online workshop that people are booking and received a phone call from an online radio station asking to interview me. So many synchronicities, so much wonderfulness. I just needed a gentle nudge from you, my brilliant soul brother, to see all these opportunities that were literally staring me right in the face. THANK YOU for the gift of these breakthroughs!!”

~ Jennifer Ching Lopez ~










When you take the journey through The Quantum Mindset™ course, you will receive multiple Guided Meditations and Channeled Messages from Wanda Vitale, during some the classes as well as via downloadable MP3 recordings.

Also, in order to more fully integrate the activations and shifts you will undergo during the six-week course, Wanda will provide one (60-minute) private 1:1 Clarity Session. Scheduling for this will be coordinated for those interested and arranged either during The Quantum Mindset™ or within two weeks following the conclusion of the course. 

Working with a multidimensional team of galactics and other beings, Wanda and her guides will accelerate the stabilization of the first levels of quantum experience in you that at some point all of humanity will hold. This includes but is not limited to the acceleration process of your Eden Template and Quantum Mindset, both of which will be activated during the 6-LIVE classes.

These powerfully activated recordings, LIVE guided meditations, and 1:1 Clarity Sessions will serve as key pieces in the embodiment of the new shifts and changes of your Quantum Mindset long after the 6-week course is over.





Before the conclusion of The Quantum Mindset 6-week course, you will receive your own personal Divine Alignment Map™ from Peter Clark Nelson. 

With over 100+ pages, including visual activations via 40+ PowerPoint slides, this heart-expansive guide is your Quantum Mindset workbook. It will not only serve as your roadmap for building on the topics and themes covered during the Live classes, but it will be a life-long reference guide for joyously scaling your consciousness.

Wanda and Peter won’t be able to fully address all the eye-opening topics and material included in your Divine Alignment Map™ during the Live classes. Because of that, Peter has made sure to provide detailed context and guidance for key topics with deep insight, timely reminders and applicable exercises that will reinforce and build on all that he and Wanda cover in the six Live group sessions. 




To fully capitalize on ALL of the breakthroughs and quantum level activations from your participation in The Quantum Mindset™ course, you can’t do it alone. You’ll need a community. And not just any community will do. 

For this reason, everyone who enrolls in The Quantum Mindset 6-week course will be part of a private Facebook (FB) commUNITY made up of light-minded, soul-connected, and heart-centered Quantum Entrepreneurs like yourself.

The Quantum Mindset™ CommUNITY members will receive weekly posts from the co-creators and co-facilitators of the course, Wanda Vitale and Peter Clark Nelson, as well as insights, support, and divinely timed reflections from commUNITY members. 

The Quantum Mindset™ 6-week course is accessible and affordable to anyone willing to fully step into their desired role

as a heart-centered leader, master teacher, and

Quantum Entrepreneur.


for the NEW & EXPANDED 


This $300 savings off the $850 enrollment fee is available up to 1/31/2020.  




The days of being the lone wolf are part of the old, dissolving world. Therefore, if it takes a village to raise a single child it will take a village of Quantum Entrepreneurs to raise a New Earth.

You are being divinely groomed to now step into your destiny’s fulfillment.

You cannot do this alone. Nor, should you.

It’s safer, easier, and a lot more fun in a group setting.

The Quantum Mindset™ course is a safe space and empowering container where each of us will be surrounded by our peers and other Quantum Entrepreneurs. Together, we will step into the place of magic, where all creation happens. And that’s the place of ‘not knowing’.

To be a part of The Quantum Mindset™ 6-week course is a unique opportunity to be seen, heard, and felt. This is your moment to consciously choose to dissolve attachments to fear, fully embody your sacred purpose, and to take that quantum leap into birthing not only a new you but assisting in birthing a New Earth. 

It is a choice only you can make.

If you’re reading these words and feeling into the energy infused into them, you already made your choice. Now, it’s a matter of fully embodying it.

The only way to go forward is to take the leap.

We look forward to you joining us on February 13, 2020 as we all prepare ourselves for the activation, optimization, and full embodiment of our Quantum Mindset.

From our grateful heart to yours.

Wanda Vitale & Peter Clark Nelson


for the NEW & EXPANDED 


This $300 savings off the $850 enrollment fee is available up to 1/31/2020.  



By enrolling in The Quantum Mindset™ course, you acknowledge that no part of The Quantum Mindset™, be it in the group classes, interaction in the FB group, or in any of the downloadable material associated with the classes, is designed nor intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any emotional and physical illness. 

At no point is anything delivered or discussed via The Quantum Mindset™ course by Peter Clark Nelson, Wanda Vitale or any other participant to be construed as medical or financial advice. 

If there are existing, known or unknown, illnesses or financial considerations related to your personal and professional well-being, please consult your physician, qualified health practitioner, or qualified financial advisor before making changes to your current health or business. 

Peter and Wanda, along with any representatives of The Quantum Mindset™ course or participants of The Quantum Mindset™ are not responsible for any adverse outcomes to you as a result of personal choices to use or misconstrue information provided during all aspects of The Quantum Mindset™ course. 

Peter and Wanda reserve the right to remove any participant from The Quantum Mindset™ should any participant show just and valid cause for feeling maligned, shamed, disrespected, or their personal privacy violated by any participant. 

There are no refunds on the program once the course begins on 2/13/2020 North America.