The Quantum Entrepreneur

The Quantum Entrepreneur is a virtual group course that delivers a blueprint for creative freedom for Coaches, Writers, and Spiritual Practitioners who are ready to say no to fear and say yes to creating a heart-centered business around what is uniquely and beautifully you!

Have you been questioning whether you’re ready to step into the unknown as the real you?

If you’re reading these words, the answer is YES!

You have a unique energy signature and distinct gift that no one else on the planet carries. But what exactly does your unique energetic signature have to do with growing a successful spiritual business or helping improve the lives of others through your sacred work? Much more than you may have been led to believe.

Within you is the reason for why you’re here in this human body, which I refer to as our hologram. You know there’s a reason for your presence in the world, and a reason for the healing gifts you’re here to share.

But like many of those who are guided to work with me, you may not know exactly what that reason is. It doesn’t look like or feel like anything else you’ve experienced in the world.

So, what is it?  And how do you harness the awesome power behind why you’re here? 

The Quantum Entrepreneur virtual group course answers these questions and more.

You’ve done enough inner work to boldly step beyond the suffocating limits of fear.

You have entered a new phase of life where a profound sense of freedom and feeling of creative abundance has greeted you.

Now what? 

Having stepped into this new timeline, there may be some unanswered questions lingering, such as:

“Where do I fit in?” “Will anyone really ‘get’ my message?”

“How do I grow my mission to positively impact the world?”

Perhaps you have sought out the answers in other courses, coaching programs, and various types of healing modalities. 

Despite the growth you’ve made personally and the progress you’ve made to transcend fear, you’re still not experiencing tangible results with your heart-centered business.

“The Eden Blueprint” is in all of us and it plays a significant role in The Quantum Entrepreneur course. By learning how to tune into and activating it within you, not only will you receive clarity on all those unanswered questions, but the path of being a Quantum Entrepreneur will be illuminated like never before.

When you enroll in The Quantum Entrepreneur course you immediately clear the path

to confidently dissolve your fears and boldy answer the calling to rise to a new level of service in the world.

Hi, I’m Wanda Vitale, the creatrix behind both The Quantum Mindset and The Quantum Entrepreneur virtual group courses.

If you’re like me and the Quantum Entrepreneurs I have been privileged to journey with in these courses, you have chosen not to be stuffed into someone else’s idea of a business or lifestyle that doesn’t make your soul soar.

When I was called on to create the original version of The Quantum Entrepreneur course in early 2019, my guides were saying this virtual group course was unlike anything else being offered in the world. This is because it is for Coaches, Writers, Spiritual Practitioners and Master Teachers who are unlike anyone else.

Since it’s original launch, my galactic team has continued to guide me to expand the course while ensuring it remains distinct from any other program or course you may have taken, especially one focused on building a spiritual business.

The Quantum Entrepreneur is very much built around the group who journeys with me in each course, as they create their own very personal and pertinent outline when we come together. For this reason, it does not place you or your gifts into a pre-conceived, limited box.

Are you ready take a deep-dive into the Quantum Field where you can explore a conscious collaboration between you and your Higher Self? If so, you will be part of a shared collaboration between me, you and other Quantum Entrepreneurs taking this journey alongside you.

Are you ready to join me and your fellow Quantum Entrepreneurs and unlock your blueprint to freedom? 

If so, fill out the form below and you will be among the first to receive a SPECIAL EARLY ENROLLMENT OFFER for the ALL NEW Quantum Entrepreneur course. 


    Getting clear on your niche.

    Knowing the game is rigged in your favor.

    Understanding your mind is not in control.

    Learning to trust your own inner GPS system.

    The power of curiosity in cultivating a Quantum Mindset.

    Why questioning everything is your path to true freedom.

    Staying focused, grounded, and practical during massive shifts.

    Developing the energetic signature of your message and how to get it seen, heard, and felt. 

    How to overcome the top seven challenges a Quantum Entrepreneur faces.

    Techniques for creating and spotting new opportunities in the Quantum Field.

    What it means to be a heart-centered New Earth leader now that you are influencing other people in a new way. Exploring what is coming up for you along with tangible and practical techniques to enhance your innate gifts, talents, and skills as a Quantum Entrepreneur.

    Developing your vulnerability through Group Masterminding. This is about allowing the focus of the group to hold your vision, to provide clarity for blind spots; using the knowledge of the group to expand your reach and present new ideas to explore birthing into reality.

    What it means to be a heart-centered New Earth leader now that you are influencing other people in a new way. Exploring what is coming up for you along with tangible and practical techniques to enhance your innate gifts, talents, and skills as a Quantum Entrepreneur.

    How to navigate and embody the energetics of the upgrades. This is about holding firm in your path in complete Knowing no matter what ‘reality’ is doing. This is especially important during those ‘not knowing’ times of up-leveling.

    How to integrate our lives in every way with our new choices. This is about observing what comes up when you step fully into your new role as a New Earth leader. We will look at ways to navigate the responses and energies from those you work with, within your immediate family, existing clients, etc.

    “The Eden Blueprint” and “Diamond Light Body” activation sessions. You receive two, private 1:1 sessions with Wanda. The first takes place within the first two weeks of the group sessions. The second will take place near the conclusion of the 8-week group sessions.

    8 LIVE group classes for the 8-weeks. Each class is 2-hours each and all are recorded. Two of them will be co-faciliated by Wanda and guest Master Teachers. Even if you miss a class or want to replay it for additinal insights, an MP3 and MP4 will be available to download.

    Private FB Group. One of the more valuable experiences for all Master Teachers. This is where we come together each day to connect, share, and grow together.

    An accountability partner.  The choice for being a part of The Quantum Entrepreneur is one only you can make. But the journey should not be made alone. You will need someone to talk you down from the ledge when you need it or just remind you how you’re in perfect flow – even when it doesn’t feel like it.


    Life as we once knew it is shifting at an unparalleled rate.  To flow with the energy shifts requires a totally different approach to how you once believed creating and succeeding looked and felt like. This raises many questions, some of which are not always easy to answer. 

    How do you move through your old beliefs as they are triggered while you’re seemingly overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ to get done?

    How do you take your gifts to market when there is no business model for what you’re being called to offer to the world?

    How do you manage everything in your life while making room for the creation process, when you may still be frustratingly getting tripped up by your blind spots?

    Is there a way to stabilize in the utter reliability and exhilaration of creative flow?

    How do you utilize the constant guidance and information that’s beyond the mind’s reach?

    Is there a proven way to ground yourself in your daily work, while operating in the higher dimensional realms?

    The Quantum Entrepreneur virtual group course was created to answer all of these questions and more.


    Being a Quantum Entrepreneur and New Earth leader takes more than passion for your sacred work. It goes deeper than having a purpose that drives you. And it requires more than just having certifications or credentials that fill out your resume.

    It’s a lifestyle rooted in a Quantum Mindset.

    For this reason and more, developing a consistent Quantum Mindset and learning how to embody your higher aspects is what we focus on during the course. But that is far from everything we will journey through together.  

    There are some specific and tangible topics we dive into during The Quantum Entrepreneur. And I will be bringing in special guest Master Teachers to facilitate some of the group calls.


    The Quantum Entrepreneur virtual group course is for those of you whose words and expression in the world touches others in a big way. But to connect with others in such a way, especially in the New Earth, you will want to be confident and comfortable playing in a bigger way than ever before.

    Each of us are being called into an entirely new level of service in the world. I’ve been shown that the layers of dust (beliefs) on the prisms of our diamond light body MUST be clear in order for our higher dimensional aspects to work through us. 

    We are capable of so much now as we say YES to our biggest dreams which serve us and all of humanity in our own unique way.  It’s time for a quantum leap of consciousness – especially as the world heads into the real crunch years of old systems falling away in 2020 and beyond.


    The days of being the lone wolf are part of the old, dissolving world. Therefore, if it takes a village to raise a single child it will take a village of Quantum Entrepreneurs to raise a New Earth.

    The only way to go forward is to take the leap.

    To be a part of The Quantum Entrepreneur 8-week virtual group course is a unique opportunity to be seen, heard, and felt. To take that quantum leap into birthing not only a new you but cultivating the birth of a New Earth is a choice only you can make.

    If you are ready to take the leap, fill out the form below and you will be among the first to receive a SPECIAL EARLY ENROLLMENT OFFER for the ALL NEW Quantum Entrepreneur course.