Freedom from Fear
Masterclass Series

Part I of a 3 part Master Class series on Fear, Abundance and Trusting the Unknown

Freedom From Fear Fear is the doorway to expansion. lt means you’ve hit the limit of what your mind knows. If you’re experiencing anxiety, it’s fear. If you’re experiencing confusion, it’s fear. If you’re experiencing, doubt, it’s fear. As quantum entrepreneurs we thrive in the Unknown; it’s the field of all magical possibilities. EVERYTHING we want exists there! That field IS us. Our words, thoughts, mind and heart are all aligned on the experiences we’re choosing, not attached to any particular outcome. We know that life loves us, because it IS us. The ‘work’ that occurs through us as healers, writers, artists, coaches, singers, dancers, is the reason we’re here now. It’s time to confront all the mind’s stories of what’s not possible and get on board with your purpose! 


Wanda Vitale and David Maria are offering a free live ‘Freedom from Fear’. The Eden Template, on May 21 live via Zoom. David was a guest presenter in Wanda’s “12 Steps to a Fearless Life” program, and the individual results were phenomenal. 


“Within each of you is the blueprint for your life and your work, free from any imprints of powerlessness. David is one of the Seers from Mt. Kenya (Mt. Zion) and he powerfully removes trauma imprints from our field. As we resolve the point when the trauma was introduced, we resolve every timeline. In each of my own three sessions, eons-old beliefs became conscious: fear of being seen and heard, willingness to be seen, caring more about my clients than they care about themselves, and my old responsibility gene as I called it. Each time I intended that whatever was ready to leave, do so. And that’s what occurred. You wake up different. Your response to life is different.


We’ve normalized fear and powerlessness and it’s not normal! If you’re ready to experience a new level of freedom and possibility, join us.


“My session with David was an transformative experience. He was able to assist me in moving dense energy that was stuck in my body, and had been nudging me to pay attention to it for a while now. He was able to help me locate the distortion behind that dense energy and lift it. He is a wonderful guide who will help you in your healing process, holding space for you to feel safe and protected. “


“It’s not often in life will you experience a David Maria. He’s a compassionate and clear gentle soul. Recently I was blessed to receive the Eden Template Activation. It’s very difficult to describe what happened to me except to say that immediately during and after the transmission I returned to my heart and divine home, lost all fear of death, and watched my life patterns begin to melt away with the new light I received. Thank you.”

Wanda Vitale is a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and the creatrix behind the groundbreaking The Quantum Entrepreneur 8-week virtual group course. She is also the author of the upcoming book, “The Quantum Entrepreneur: Living Your Vision Out Loud by Activating Your Eden Blueprint”.

Wanda collaborates with a global clientele, assisting them to step out of the limitation of logic and linearity and into the expression of their soul mission as sovereign multi-dimensional beings. Along with her private 1:1 clients and group programs, Wanda co-facilitates sacred journeys and global retreats with a business collaborator.

Wanda launched a new 6-week course titled, “Quantum Mindset” in 2019. This cutting-edge course delivers a grounded roadmap for Quantum Entrepreneurs to navigate their inner world and strategies to anchor in and embody what needs to happen to maximize the quantum shifts unfolding in 2020 and beyond.

Wanda Vitale
David Maria

David Maria is a natural born mystic, a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and the creator of The Eden Template. He works with a multidimensional team within the Monad I AM Presence whose transmission accelerates the process of The Eden Template activation.

David’s sacred calling holds this container and assists those who work with him to step out of the limitation of logical-linear thinking and into their Soul mission as sovereign, multi-dimensional beings.

Along with his private one-on-one clients and group events, he is the creator of the Eden Template course: Freedom from the Known.

Thursday May 21st, at 9:30am Pacific 10:30 Mountain.

You will also receive a reminder email with the Zoom link the day before the event.