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An Easter Blessing

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May we say this was not just an ending but also a place to begin:

Praised be the nurses and doctors, every medical staff bent over flesh to offer care. For lives saved and lives lost. For showing up either way.

Praise for the farmers tilling soil, plamnting seeds so food can grow, and act of hope as ever there was.

Praise for the janitors and garbage collectors, the grocery story clerks and the truck drivers barreling through long quiet nights. Give thanks for the bus drivers, delivery persons, postal workers and all those keeping an eye on water, gas and electricity.

Blessings on our leaders making hard choices for the common good, offering words of assurance.

Celebrate the scientists working away to understand the thing that plagues us, to find an antidote, all the medicine makers.

Praised be the journalists keeping us informed.

Praised be the teachers finding new ways to educate children from afar. And blessings on parents holding it all together for them.

Blessed are the elderly and those with weakened immune systems and all those who worry for their health. Praise for those who stay at home to protect them.

Blessed are the domestic violence victims on lock down with abusers, the homeless and the refugees.

Praise for the artists and poets, the singers and the storytellers, all those who nourish with words and sound and color.

Blessed are the ministers and therapists of every kind, bringing words of comfort.

Blessed are the ones whose jobs are lost, who have no savings, who feel fear of the unknown gnawing.

Blessed are those in grief, especially those who mourn alone.

Blessed are those who have passed into the Great Night.

Praise for police and fire fighters, paramedics and all who work to keep us safe.

Praise for all the workers and care givers of every kind.

Give thanks for laughter and kindness.

Praised be our four-footed companions with no forethought or anxiety, responding to us only in love.

Praise for the seas and rivers, forest and stones who teach us to endure.

Give thanks for our ancestors, for the wars and plagues they endured and survived, their resilience is in your bones and in your blood.

Blessed is the water that flows over our hands and the soap that helps keep them clean, each time a baptism.

Praise every moment of stillness and silence so new voices can be heard.

And when this has passed may we say that love spread more quickly than any virus ever could.

May we say this was not just an ending but also a place to begin.

~From The Work of the People

Mastering Freedom

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As the spiral of awakening continues we’re being tasked with looking at all the ways we believe we are not safe, all the ways we’re attached to having our lives be a certain way, and even those attachments to what we like or don’t like. We’re tasked with personal accountability and if we’re truly walking our talk with everyone, all the time. The spiral of awakening is relentless in its ability to have us experience every way we believe we are not All That Is experiencing Itself. It’s time for the dream to be revealed.

A few years ago after an accident when it wasn’t sure that I’d walk again and when I couldn’t work – which happened after I’d lost everything in the 2008 crash and a messy divorce – I had no choice but to walk my talk. There was no one to help me, no one to save me. It was time for me to do the inner work. The rubber hit the road in a big way in my life.

Many of us have experienced this panic many of you are experiencing now. Whatever rug was left at the time disappeared completely. We have to ask: who am I? The powerless one or the power that creates worlds. This is the only choice point – ever.

I have learned that our consciousness impacts everything that shows up in our lives. Like rock hopping when we cross a stream, one step at a time, when we keep our focus and expectations on peace and solutions, they show up. My non-physical aspects showed me an image then: dancing on a point of light in the starlit cosmos – and loving every second of it. It was such a stretch then!

Years later, I can say this is true. Living in the Unknown is really living in the field of all possibilities that IS us. The mind just can’t access it. Though we can FEEL it. And as we consistently feel the peace and let our body relax, peaceful solutions show up. At the time I could only feel ‘relief’. Solutions to complex issues showed up, no pushing or striving.

Our job is to feel the solution as if it’s here now. It’s our job to ensure we are not putting on the brakes with our language, or worry. Give whatever is up for you to your nonphysical aspects, to your heart. Our job is to look at all the ways we want something from ‘out there’ to support us and give it to ourselves. Our job is feel all the resistance to NOT feeling whatever is showing up, and to disengage from the mind’s stories.

This global awakening just happens to look like a pandemic. It’s showing us ourselves and our attitudes, the ways we believe we have illusionary control (we have none), the way we love ourselves or not, the ways we define ourselves. It’s showing us to appreciate the smallest simple things and to help in any way we can – not to feel better about who we are, but because we can. I can only suggest to love yourself through this. And on the other side of all the fear in its many forms, you will find absolute Freedom.

Dancing on a point of light in the middle of the stars – and loving every second of it. I know nothing and everything, and am lived just as I am breathed. The new world is a reflection of all the beautiful possibilities I envision. This is the gift of this time. Mine it for the gold.

Contentment is available now

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We’re here to create a new world, to dream a new dream so consistently that particles turn into form. It’s time for the Divine Child in each of us, with no preconceived ideas of what anything means or with no ideas of limitation and impossibility, to live outside of the known.

Part of our experience of being a soul partially embodied was believing the illusion was real. So we lived our lives believing something outside of ourselves had power over us. As self-protection, we numbed ourselves to deal with all the discomfort. And that means we’ve numbed ourselves to the highest joy and bliss and the whisperings of inspiration of this Divine Child.

We think we have to ‘put up with’ certain things in life. We’ve normalized fear to the extent that the idea of things happening ‘to’ us is normal, so there’s a need to be on guard. We think there is something to fight against, to protect ourselves from: the virus, the dark forces, folks who criticize us. We believe others are there to make us feel loved, feel OK, feel validated, feel cared for. We thought our doing state – our actions – created. And we thought the mind was in charge. Some in the spiritual community believe something will come along – the flash – to avoid facing whatever holds deep resistance to facing: broken relationships, no income, impossible legal situations and on and on. I have experienced the flash and I still had to deal with all the seemingly impossible situations in my life.

In other words, we gave our power away to everything outside of us. We say things like “I’ll make it through this”, ‘I’ll be OK”, we breathe, we use our tools to move through the moment of fear. We stuff down the fear for the moment however we can to keep moving. Though do we use the gift of fear and its variations to move us into a greater alignment with our vast non-physical Self?

Fear or our triggers are asking us to look deeply within. The gift of tension, control, anger, shame, fear, anxiety, noticing when we shut down, lashing out, blaming, guilt, moodiness, ceding our accountability with statements like “I’m only human”, “whatever!” … and I could go on and on … all point us back to the beliefs that say we are not powerful creators who came here to create a new world.

We’re here to dance with fear as the invitation and portal it represents. We’re here to feel the ocean of all emotions, resisting nothing, and to sit in observance of it all while focusing on ‘what would be better’ and ‘this feels so exciting!’ This is a moment to moment choice as life does what it does now.

When we’re not completely content in the moment, we’re in fear. It’s only a choice.

Join Cristine Schilling and I for a 6 week virtual, donation-based, program designed to uncover the ways we’ve forgotten what contentment feels like, what play feels like, what safety feels like. Isn’t it time to reconnect with the Divine Child who is alive and well within you? The only thing standing between you and living your most expansive life right now is fear. We CAN guarantee you that everything you’re dreaming of creating is on the other side of fear.

What would Love do?

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As situations arise that seem daunting, we’re being given the opportunity for the separate self to know itself as God/Source. Always. This is awakening from the illusion.

Our habituated patterns of powerlessness rise to the surface, outpictured by circumstances in our lives, until we choose not to believe the story. Energy in itself is neutral and we imprint it with our unconscious projections and emotional expectations. This is an unprecedented period to over-write the beliefs that say we are worthless, unlovable, not safe, and forever destined for poverty.

Every experience, every person in your life is your hologram. Versions of you outpictured in order to be fully experienced with the senses and richness we enjoy in this body created from pure energy. Everything is changeable, nothing is cast in stone, and life can change in a flash. We have the power to decide whether to believe our stories of gloom or focus on the life that feels meaningful and juicy. No one can do that for us.

Over thirty years ago I started to face my own fragments. My way of attempting to control and ‘make things happen’ did absolutely nothing except ratchet up anxiety and fear. At one point during a stretch between jobs and no income, I was unable to pay rent for two months. In retrospect, it was doing this inner work diligently of corralling my mind that even made that possible. I can barely recall what it felt like to have THAT much fear! Many of us across the globe have walked this firewalk and are no longer fooled by the mind’s stories. We hold this space of Freedom for everyone.

Pain and resistance invite us to choose differently. They’re inviting us to move into our hearts, into the part of us that knows itself as pure Love, and shower our fragmented aspects with Love. Over and over again. It’s not hard. It’s just a choice to make alignment a priority.

Shedding the Old Skin of Powerlessness

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Many more are moving through an intense period of shedding the old skin of human perception and history. For those who have walked through this last mile of total surrender into what can feel like despair, I know it’s not easy. Because I remember exactly what it was like.

I call this ‘the last mile’ because no one can do it for us. The Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Councils have brought us to this point, and this last piece is ours. As a child a consistent recurring dream was me drowning, seeing the air bubbles from my lungs escape to the surface of the water as I sank deeper and deeper. Then I would wake up. I’ve known I died in 1916 in France. Last night I was prompted to find out exactly what was happening in France in 1916 and all the memories flooded back.

Many years later more of that life and its poignant memories came back, a little girl in Paris whose parents were dead, holding my aunt’s hands with my little brother in tow on the other arm. Confused and sad and afraid. I eventually became a nurse and experienced the horrors of a country ravaged by war. Everything gone. No family. Broken china littering the country road that led to the home where I’d lived. I walked around the house where I grew up, remembering the laughter and love … it was all for nothing except utter hopelessness. Bodies, blood, and death everywhere. Everyone near and dear to me dead. My beautiful country destroyed. It was too much to bear and there was no reason to live. So I drowned myself.

As I read through the history last night and looked at photos from 1916, this was when WW1 ravaged France. All of the sadness returned, the grief. And as I write this morning the tears are falling. I created my own ‘last mile’ this time around where I knew the only person to save me would be me. I chose the path of Mastery this time and chose to learn the relationship between consciousness and my energy. It was still not easy or convenient.

We are each feeling and integrating all the experiences we’ve ever experienced. This spiral of awakening is asking us to remember we are the Observer of these lives. And asking us to remember we are the Creator of our experiences. We’ve had enough war, enough suffering, enough grief, enough hopelessness. 95% of the souls who have ever lived are back for this accelerated awakening on the planet. You chose to be here now. The magnetic pull of our history and the mind are strong, though everything is arising so that you will feel deeply what’s arising (allow) and then flood your body with Love.

Like a snake, every bit of the old skin of powerlessness and vulnerability must go. So we hold both perspectives.

I’ve talked to at least one person each day who is backed into a corner and leveled completely. Some have been in accidents where injuries have created even more vulnerability. At one point I thought I might not walk again. If you’re in this space you’re about to break through to Freedom. You are one of the teachers or stabilizers during the acceleration.

When nothing phases us any longer, the triggers of life disappear. We Know – in the body – we are powerful creators of experience and we choose joy; we no longer perceive through the mind but through the heart/mind. We don’t believe the mind’s stories of powerlessness. When we clear the residue from historic painful experiences – no matter when they occurred – we awaken our heart and mind to unprecedented possibilities.  

Our new vision, cleared of all the debris, is right around the corner. Some who have walked that last mile are already feeling it and for some, more details are starting to flow in. If you follow my posts you’ve done the bulk of the emotional work. Let the rest come up so you can Love it, and let your new future show up. There is so much magic available in every moment when the pull of our past is gone. We choose where we put our focus. We focus on what delights us. We realize everything we believed before is just not true. So please, don’t give up. The worlds needs you!

Delusions of the Mind; Ascension into Spirit

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I walk this path of embodiment with other souls whose lives have been far more of a horror story than a fairy tale. We’ve come out the other side of disastrous decades realizing the gift in the journey. Many ways exist to wake up other than spirituality (which was mine): technology (such as Dr. Joe’s work) and AI, ayahuasca and others.

There are two parts of the journey: 1) waking up in the dream and 2) then creating a thriving life after everything you believed about yourself and the world is gone. It’s what I call the ‘now what?’. This is where our minds can hijack us, and this is the basis for the programs and sessions I offer. My own experience is likened to landing on a strange planet where most can’t see you or hear you, and everything you thought you knew and understood no longer apply – to anything.

Kimberly L Wright and I are scheduling a FB live so she can share her own journey. I am honored to have read the manuscript for her forthcoming book, Delusions of the Mind; Ascension into Spirit. She’s a gifted storyteller who will take you through the harrowing deep dive of her life and pull you out the other side. If there are any places within you needing acceptance and love, her book will make you want to hold your own vulnerable heart with utmost compassion. Most of her memories were inaccessible until she wanted the Truth in her early 50’s, and that’s exactly what she got. It’s a much needed transmission during this year of accelerated awakening. You’ll love her deep wisdom and ‘ of courseness’ that radiates from her. There is nothing you can experience that she hasn’t. Shame and vulnerability? You have nothing on this very wise soul who happens to be in a body. It’s all part of the set up to turn you into a joyful, happy soul who is thrilled to be here on the planet now.

We both want you to know that everything you’re experiencing now is NORMAL. You’re here to assist others in the ‘now what’ part when you’re more stable in that part of the journey. If it doesn’t make sense now, it will. None of the stories our minds make up are true. Let go. Go play! Find things to laugh about – especially yourself. You are a vast field of energy interacting with this reality.

We’re tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 8th, at 10:00 AM MST though I’ll keep you updated. The video will be uploaded on my YouTube channel, Wanda Vitale. You can’t listen to Kimberly and not experience transformation.

Life is Hard for Two Reasons

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When life isn’t moving at warp speed and situations seem to be stalled, OR when we have no idea what’s what. It could be something that makes us want to make something happen, and quickly:

This is when we listen to our thoughts to discover the predominant ones. This is when we pay attention to the feelings in the body.

While all of us have layers of beliefs we’re uncovering, most of the folks I work with have a few in common:

I never really get what I want.
I’m afraid to make a mistake, afraid of ….
Life is just so hard.
This is impossible.
I have a pattern of no money, and so did my parents.
I have no idea what to DO that will make a difference.
I am powerless to make a difference in this situation.

There are more variations since we’ve layered on a multitude of beliefs on top of our nature as a creator. A good place to start would be to imagine what you DO want. Imagine getting what you want, how it feels, how your life would feel different; imagine that situation shifting and see the joyful faces. Feel the relief. Drop the stories around whatever you’re feeling in your body, and call the feelings ‘frequencies’ (because they are) and feel them fully. The stories are ones you made up for your nervous system and mind.

Give yourself time every day to imagine your new life and new situations. Monitor your thoughts and language. Are you putting on the brakes? Are there ‘yes, but’ disqualifiers in your thoughts? Can you allow yourself to have your heart’s desires? Can you let yourself dream? Most importantly, can you FEEL them fulfilled?

I can assure you that when we are focused without resistance on anything that expands us, that makes us feel peaceful or relief, and tell our guides to make it happen with ease and grace, IT WILL SHOW UP in your life and hologram. And when it doesn’t show up, it’s only because the chemicals are still working and it’s not time.

Most of us are trudging through some very old patterning right now and unless we understand how to ride the waves, it would be easy to become discouraged. Nothing ‘out there’ impacts you unless you believe it does; every moment is one to start anew. Our lives are perfectly orchestrated to excavate our limiting beliefs. Can you look at whatever might be up for you now in that way? And then imagine the opposite. Let go of what’s ready to leave to make room for your new life. FEEL your new life or improved situation now no matter what reality is showing you at the moment.

You are a soul who chose to partially embody in this dimensional reality. Your DNA and body hold the remembrance of the embodiment process. Confront the old programming, create new neural pathways into the quantum field of all possibilities, let your deepest dreams reveal themselves and watch as everything shows up to make those dreams concrete.

The Squeeze

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All we ever do is over-write old programs: fear, shame, guilt, victimization, unworthiness and so many more! We keep those old stories/loops active when we keep referring to them in a way that judges them as ‘wrong’. And then we tell our friends we just discovered MORE to deal with! OMG .. can you feel the pressure and pain of this?

Who we are: a vast field of energy with many active aspects all experiencing some form of energy patterns. The mind calls those ‘stories’ or ‘lineage behavior’ with a judgment attached that indicates those patterns or stories were wrong, or harmful.

Evidently the separated mind believes it’s so powerful it can create mistakes that harm other vast fields of energy. It also believes in power over/powerlessness.

We know that’s not true – unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere for the last 10 years. We over-write old patterns by feeling fully whatever is arising (shame, fear, invisibility), flooding ourselves and our body with Love, Relief, Safety until the body relaxes. Then we tell our mind new stories that are more accurate.

The patterns we experience are explorations by the soul. How can we know what Love is until we feel what it’s not? All those old stories? From the soul’s perspective, they’re just interesting patterns of energy. Everyone is an aspect of you, everyone is playing this game of creating interesting energy patterns to experience how they feel. The idea of victimization only exists in the illusion of duality and some separated self that’s not Source. And that is impossible!

Embodiment always asks us to drop these ideas of powerlessness, of anything being other than perfect. And the sooner we can move into seeing everything as ‘interesting patterns’ and stop the looping mental stories, and the more we play, the more clear we become on ‘what’s next to play with’.