1:1 Activation Sessions

The Eden Blueprint, Diamond Light Body, and Rainbow Body activations prepare you to step out of a limited reality and into higher bandwidths of existence, where your inner Knowing and your fully activated soul blueprint lead the way.

How do you move through everything that comes up in life while staying uncompromisingly true to you?

How do you maintain your position as a leader in the New Earth when you have no idea how to communicate who you are or what you do?

How do you open up to trust the guidance of your higher aspects and fully embody who you truly are?

Like many around the world, you are likely feeling the intensity of upleveling.  This is part of your soul becoming fully embodied.

At first, it may not feel or look like you are being upleveled but these outer changes in the world are part of the inner dissolvement of all your misperceptions and the release of lingering fears.

What you’re experience is normal.

But in times like this, how do you stay true to you?

Upleveling requires us to weed out our consistent attention to what’s no longer resonant. Whatever patterns are arising, they show us what’s ready to be re-written with a new and expanded template. You’re being guided into the unknown. 

Rather than look inward and recalibrate your mindset to answer these questions, you may find it tempting to turn to your logical mind for help. The logic mind misdirects you by turning your focus outward, on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of growing a business or solving any of life’s myriad of perceived challenges.

Hi, I’m Wanda. As a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and creatrix behind the cutting-edge The Quantum Entrepreneur course, I collaborate with a global clientele, assisting them to step out of the limitation of logic and linearity and into the expression of their soul mission as sovereign multi-dimensional beings.

I am primarily clairaudient, clairvoyant and claircognizant and work to create energetic shifts in you that enable you to easily move from old mental and emotional patterning to living from the multi-dimensional self. New DNA coding, galactic and angelic, that is activated through The Eden Blueprint and Diamond Light Body activations are then able to be integrated.

Working with my multidimensional team of galactics and other beings who accelerate the process of Diamond Light Body activations and The Eden Blueprint activations, your choice in having one or more 1:1 Activation Sessions with me immediately clears the path for you to answer the calling to rise to an entirely new level of service in the world.

My initial session cost is $375 which includes an energetic session of 1 – 1 ½  hours and a follow up.

If you’re ready to step out of a limited reality and into higher bandwidths of existence where your inner Knowing and your fully activated soul blueprint lead the way, I invite you to schedule a session with me.


My team and yours work together to accelerate quantum foundational energetics such as:


  • Full light body activation
  • Energetic trauma release
  • Galactic integration
  • Eden blueprint activation


You receive ongoing support via phone and Zoom as the integration continues for the first month as the mind’s magnetic pull diminishes.

You will also be part of my private Facebook group, The Diamond Path, with others who are living as multidimensional creators sharing their experiences and insights.  We offer weekly live group calls which provides personal interaction and opportunity for energetic mastery.

Contact me to learn more and to determine if this is your next step.

“I met Wanda in a Facebook group and didn’t know much about her or her work, beyond her evident compassion and wisdom. Through a series of frantic text messages from me, she taught me how to energetically re-frame the otherwise traumatic experience I was facing. I learned to turn that situation into my own playground using love and vibration. It was an amazing feat and there have been many more since  Wanda uses her clairvoyant and clairaudient faculties to help her clients archive alignment with their highest potential.”

~ Stephen ~

“She’s a guide, a teacher and a pillar of fire! If you are ready to take full responsibility for the life you create, to become completely conscious of the programming and energy you are holding in your field and projecting into physicality, I cannot say enough about working with Wanda Vitale. Wanda is a clear and powerful conduit of Source energy. She sees the geometric patterning/mechanics of creation in the quantum field and empowers all she works with to create consciously and embrace their full power. She is a pioneer and a living, breathing experiment in consciousness. It’s an honor to call her my friend.”

~ Theresa ~