Mastering Freedom

April 10, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Mastering Freedom”

As the spiral of awakening continues we’re being tasked with looking at all the ways we believe we are not safe, all the ways we’re attached to having our lives be a certain way, and even those attachments to what we like or don’t like. We’re tasked with personal accountability and if we’re truly walking our talk with everyone, all the time. The spiral of awakening is relentless in its ability to have us experience every way we believe we are not All That Is experiencing Itself. It’s time for the dream to be revealed.

A few years ago after an accident when it wasn’t sure that I’d walk again and when I couldn’t work – which happened after I’d lost everything in the 2008 crash and a messy divorce – I had no choice but to walk my talk. There was no one to help me, no one to save me. It was time for me to do the inner work. The rubber hit the road in a big way in my life.

Many of us have experienced this panic many of you are experiencing now. Whatever rug was left at the time disappeared completely. We have to ask: who am I? The powerless one or the power that creates worlds. This is the only choice point – ever.

I have learned that our consciousness impacts everything that shows up in our lives. Like rock hopping when we cross a stream, one step at a time, when we keep our focus and expectations on peace and solutions, they show up. My non-physical aspects showed me an image then: dancing on a point of light in the starlit cosmos – and loving every second of it. It was such a stretch then!

Years later, I can say this is true. Living in the Unknown is really living in the field of all possibilities that IS us. The mind just can’t access it. Though we can FEEL it. And as we consistently feel the peace and let our body relax, peaceful solutions show up. At the time I could only feel ‘relief’. Solutions to complex issues showed up, no pushing or striving.

Our job is to feel the solution as if it’s here now. It’s our job to ensure we are not putting on the brakes with our language, or worry. Give whatever is up for you to your nonphysical aspects, to your heart. Our job is to look at all the ways we want something from ‘out there’ to support us and give it to ourselves. Our job is feel all the resistance to NOT feeling whatever is showing up, and to disengage from the mind’s stories.

This global awakening just happens to look like a pandemic. It’s showing us ourselves and our attitudes, the ways we believe we have illusionary control (we have none), the way we love ourselves or not, the ways we define ourselves. It’s showing us to appreciate the smallest simple things and to help in any way we can – not to feel better about who we are, but because we can. I can only suggest to love yourself through this. And on the other side of all the fear in its many forms, you will find absolute Freedom.

Dancing on a point of light in the middle of the stars – and loving every second of it. I know nothing and everything, and am lived just as I am breathed. The new world is a reflection of all the beautiful possibilities I envision. This is the gift of this time. Mine it for the gold.