Contentment is available now

April 8, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Contentment is available now”

We’re here to create a new world, to dream a new dream so consistently that particles turn into form. It’s time for the Divine Child in each of us, with no preconceived ideas of what anything means or with no ideas of limitation and impossibility, to live outside of the known.

Part of our experience of being a soul partially embodied was believing the illusion was real. So we lived our lives believing something outside of ourselves had power over us. As self-protection, we numbed ourselves to deal with all the discomfort. And that means we’ve numbed ourselves to the highest joy and bliss and the whisperings of inspiration of this Divine Child.

We think we have to ‘put up with’ certain things in life. We’ve normalized fear to the extent that the idea of things happening ‘to’ us is normal, so there’s a need to be on guard. We think there is something to fight against, to protect ourselves from: the virus, the dark forces, folks who criticize us. We believe others are there to make us feel loved, feel OK, feel validated, feel cared for. We thought our doing state – our actions – created. And we thought the mind was in charge. Some in the spiritual community believe something will come along – the flash – to avoid facing whatever holds deep resistance to facing: broken relationships, no income, impossible legal situations and on and on. I have experienced the flash and I still had to deal with all the seemingly impossible situations in my life.

In other words, we gave our power away to everything outside of us. We say things like “I’ll make it through this”, ‘I’ll be OK”, we breathe, we use our tools to move through the moment of fear. We stuff down the fear for the moment however we can to keep moving. Though do we use the gift of fear and its variations to move us into a greater alignment with our vast non-physical Self?

Fear or our triggers are asking us to look deeply within. The gift of tension, control, anger, shame, fear, anxiety, noticing when we shut down, lashing out, blaming, guilt, moodiness, ceding our accountability with statements like “I’m only human”, “whatever!” … and I could go on and on … all point us back to the beliefs that say we are not powerful creators who came here to create a new world.

We’re here to dance with fear as the invitation and portal it represents. We’re here to feel the ocean of all emotions, resisting nothing, and to sit in observance of it all while focusing on ‘what would be better’ and ‘this feels so exciting!’ This is a moment to moment choice as life does what it does now.

When we’re not completely content in the moment, we’re in fear. It’s only a choice.

Join Cristine Schilling and I for a 6 week virtual, donation-based, program designed to uncover the ways we’ve forgotten what contentment feels like, what play feels like, what safety feels like. Isn’t it time to reconnect with the Divine Child who is alive and well within you? The only thing standing between you and living your most expansive life right now is fear. We CAN guarantee you that everything you’re dreaming of creating is on the other side of fear.