What would Love do?

February 10, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “What would Love do?”

As situations arise that seem daunting, we’re being given the opportunity for the separate self to know itself as God/Source. Always. This is awakening from the illusion.

Our habituated patterns of powerlessness rise to the surface, outpictured by circumstances in our lives, until we choose not to believe the story. Energy in itself is neutral and we imprint it with our unconscious projections and emotional expectations. This is an unprecedented period to over-write the beliefs that say we are worthless, unlovable, not safe, and forever destined for poverty.

Every experience, every person in your life is your hologram. Versions of you outpictured in order to be fully experienced with the senses and richness we enjoy in this body created from pure energy. Everything is changeable, nothing is cast in stone, and life can change in a flash. We have the power to decide whether to believe our stories of gloom or focus on the life that feels meaningful and juicy. No one can do that for us.

Over thirty years ago I started to face my own fragments. My way of attempting to control and ‘make things happen’ did absolutely nothing except ratchet up anxiety and fear. At one point during a stretch between jobs and no income, I was unable to pay rent for two months. In retrospect, it was doing this inner work diligently of corralling my mind that even made that possible. I can barely recall what it felt like to have THAT much fear! Many of us across the globe have walked this firewalk and are no longer fooled by the mind’s stories. We hold this space of Freedom for everyone.

Pain and resistance invite us to choose differently. They’re inviting us to move into our hearts, into the part of us that knows itself as pure Love, and shower our fragmented aspects with Love. Over and over again. It’s not hard. It’s just a choice to make alignment a priority.