Shedding the Old Skin of Powerlessness

February 5, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Shedding the Old Skin of Powerlessness”

Many more are moving through an intense period of shedding the old skin of human perception and history. For those who have walked through this last mile of total surrender into what can feel like despair, I know it’s not easy. Because I remember exactly what it was like.

I call this ‘the last mile’ because no one can do it for us. The Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Councils have brought us to this point, and this last piece is ours. As a child a consistent recurring dream was me drowning, seeing the air bubbles from my lungs escape to the surface of the water as I sank deeper and deeper. Then I would wake up. I’ve known I died in 1916 in France. Last night I was prompted to find out exactly what was happening in France in 1916 and all the memories flooded back.

Many years later more of that life and its poignant memories came back, a little girl in Paris whose parents were dead, holding my aunt’s hands with my little brother in tow on the other arm. Confused and sad and afraid. I eventually became a nurse and experienced the horrors of a country ravaged by war. Everything gone. No family. Broken china littering the country road that led to the home where I’d lived. I walked around the house where I grew up, remembering the laughter and love … it was all for nothing except utter hopelessness. Bodies, blood, and death everywhere. Everyone near and dear to me dead. My beautiful country destroyed. It was too much to bear and there was no reason to live. So I drowned myself.

As I read through the history last night and looked at photos from 1916, this was when WW1 ravaged France. All of the sadness returned, the grief. And as I write this morning the tears are falling. I created my own ‘last mile’ this time around where I knew the only person to save me would be me. I chose the path of Mastery this time and chose to learn the relationship between consciousness and my energy. It was still not easy or convenient.

We are each feeling and integrating all the experiences we’ve ever experienced. This spiral of awakening is asking us to remember we are the Observer of these lives. And asking us to remember we are the Creator of our experiences. We’ve had enough war, enough suffering, enough grief, enough hopelessness. 95% of the souls who have ever lived are back for this accelerated awakening on the planet. You chose to be here now. The magnetic pull of our history and the mind are strong, though everything is arising so that you will feel deeply what’s arising (allow) and then flood your body with Love.

Like a snake, every bit of the old skin of powerlessness and vulnerability must go. So we hold both perspectives.

I’ve talked to at least one person each day who is backed into a corner and leveled completely. Some have been in accidents where injuries have created even more vulnerability. At one point I thought I might not walk again. If you’re in this space you’re about to break through to Freedom. You are one of the teachers or stabilizers during the acceleration.

When nothing phases us any longer, the triggers of life disappear. We Know – in the body – we are powerful creators of experience and we choose joy; we no longer perceive through the mind but through the heart/mind. We don’t believe the mind’s stories of powerlessness. When we clear the residue from historic painful experiences – no matter when they occurred – we awaken our heart and mind to unprecedented possibilities.  

Our new vision, cleared of all the debris, is right around the corner. Some who have walked that last mile are already feeling it and for some, more details are starting to flow in. If you follow my posts you’ve done the bulk of the emotional work. Let the rest come up so you can Love it, and let your new future show up. There is so much magic available in every moment when the pull of our past is gone. We choose where we put our focus. We focus on what delights us. We realize everything we believed before is just not true. So please, don’t give up. The worlds needs you!