Life is Hard for Two Reasons

January 27, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Life is Hard for Two Reasons”

When life isn’t moving at warp speed and situations seem to be stalled, OR when we have no idea what’s what. It could be something that makes us want to make something happen, and quickly:

This is when we listen to our thoughts to discover the predominant ones. This is when we pay attention to the feelings in the body.

While all of us have layers of beliefs we’re uncovering, most of the folks I work with have a few in common:

I never really get what I want.
I’m afraid to make a mistake, afraid of ….
Life is just so hard.
This is impossible.
I have a pattern of no money, and so did my parents.
I have no idea what to DO that will make a difference.
I am powerless to make a difference in this situation.

There are more variations since we’ve layered on a multitude of beliefs on top of our nature as a creator. A good place to start would be to imagine what you DO want. Imagine getting what you want, how it feels, how your life would feel different; imagine that situation shifting and see the joyful faces. Feel the relief. Drop the stories around whatever you’re feeling in your body, and call the feelings ‘frequencies’ (because they are) and feel them fully. The stories are ones you made up for your nervous system and mind.

Give yourself time every day to imagine your new life and new situations. Monitor your thoughts and language. Are you putting on the brakes? Are there ‘yes, but’ disqualifiers in your thoughts? Can you allow yourself to have your heart’s desires? Can you let yourself dream? Most importantly, can you FEEL them fulfilled?

I can assure you that when we are focused without resistance on anything that expands us, that makes us feel peaceful or relief, and tell our guides to make it happen with ease and grace, IT WILL SHOW UP in your life and hologram. And when it doesn’t show up, it’s only because the chemicals are still working and it’s not time.

Most of us are trudging through some very old patterning right now and unless we understand how to ride the waves, it would be easy to become discouraged. Nothing ‘out there’ impacts you unless you believe it does; every moment is one to start anew. Our lives are perfectly orchestrated to excavate our limiting beliefs. Can you look at whatever might be up for you now in that way? And then imagine the opposite. Let go of what’s ready to leave to make room for your new life. FEEL your new life or improved situation now no matter what reality is showing you at the moment.

You are a soul who chose to partially embody in this dimensional reality. Your DNA and body hold the remembrance of the embodiment process. Confront the old programming, create new neural pathways into the quantum field of all possibilities, let your deepest dreams reveal themselves and watch as everything shows up to make those dreams concrete.