How Do We Change the World?

January 17, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “How Do We Change the World?”

With so much starting to be overturned in our world, our hearts are crying out to make a difference. Our minds tell us there’s nothing we could ever do that would even make a dent during our lifetimes. The magic of creation doesn’t exist in the mind. As my guides have said since day 1, when we live within beliefs and unconscious patterning of our mind we are literally living under a desk and believe that’s all there is. All the possibilities and magic exist on top of the desk where our minds don’t have access.

Since the world we experience is a projection the only way to create lasting change is to go inward. What in the world troubles or triggers you the most? Is it suffering? Is it the financial imbalance? Is it the lack of caring and love? Are you sovereign or are you looking for something outside of you to feel loved or to feel anything? No matter your answer look for the ways you’re not being the embodiment of the cure. Are you being the embodiment of abundance in all the ways it can show up? Are you sharing unconditional love and other forms of abundance? Are you hanging on to old stories in your life, the ones that create mental loops of why things never work, how life has been not good or wanting to recreate something that is long over? This is suffering. Are you caring with yourself and your friends? … being accountable, showing up with integrity and honesty?

The mirror doesn’t change until we do. Attempting to change the world before we change ourselves only creates half-hearted, ineffective solutions in a world calling in acceleration. “Doing” from a place of just needing to do something and telling ourselves it’s better than nothing keeps us on a hamster wheel designed by the mind. We can observe our thoughts to see where we’re not walking our talk and then commit to closing any gaps. Get back to zero point on every topic that triggers you – even if it’s 1000 times a day. Our minds are incredible tools when we understand how to use them, and as a friend says “where to put them”. From a balance of dreaming, being and inspired action, new solutions aligned with our unique path will appear.

You are a pixel in the outpicturing of the world. When more of us are being the embodiment Love, Clarity, Possibility, Play, Unconditional Acceptance, Unconditional Abundance and Receiving the world has no choice but to show us a different picture.