The Squeeze

January 27, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “The Squeeze”

All we ever do is over-write old programs: fear, shame, guilt, victimization, unworthiness and so many more! We keep those old stories/loops active when we keep referring to them in a way that judges them as ‘wrong’. And then we tell our friends we just discovered MORE to deal with! OMG .. can you feel the pressure and pain of this?

Who we are: a vast field of energy with many active aspects all experiencing some form of energy patterns. The mind calls those ‘stories’ or ‘lineage behavior’ with a judgment attached that indicates those patterns or stories were wrong, or harmful.

Evidently the separated mind believes it’s so powerful it can create mistakes that harm other vast fields of energy. It also believes in power over/powerlessness.

We know that’s not true – unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere for the last 10 years. We over-write old patterns by feeling fully whatever is arising (shame, fear, invisibility), flooding ourselves and our body with Love, Relief, Safety until the body relaxes. Then we tell our mind new stories that are more accurate.

The patterns we experience are explorations by the soul. How can we know what Love is until we feel what it’s not? All those old stories? From the soul’s perspective, they’re just interesting patterns of energy. Everyone is an aspect of you, everyone is playing this game of creating interesting energy patterns to experience how they feel. The idea of victimization only exists in the illusion of duality and some separated self that’s not Source. And that is impossible!

Embodiment always asks us to drop these ideas of powerlessness, of anything being other than perfect. And the sooner we can move into seeing everything as ‘interesting patterns’ and stop the looping mental stories, and the more we play, the more clear we become on ‘what’s next to play with’.