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Delusions of the Mind; Ascension into Spirit

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I walk this path of embodiment with other souls whose lives have been far more of a horror story than a fairy tale. We’ve come out the other side of disastrous decades realizing the gift in the journey. Many ways exist to wake up other than spirituality (which was mine): technology (such as Dr. Joe’s work) and AI, ayahuasca and others.

There are two parts of the journey: 1) waking up in the dream and 2) then creating a thriving life after everything you believed about yourself and the world is gone. It’s what I call the ‘now what?’. This is where our minds can hijack us, and this is the basis for the programs and sessions I offer. My own experience is likened to landing on a strange planet where most can’t see you or hear you, and everything you thought you knew and understood no longer apply – to anything.

Kimberly L Wright and I are scheduling a FB live so she can share her own journey. I am honored to have read the manuscript for her forthcoming book, Delusions of the Mind; Ascension into Spirit. She’s a gifted storyteller who will take you through the harrowing deep dive of her life and pull you out the other side. If there are any places within you needing acceptance and love, her book will make you want to hold your own vulnerable heart with utmost compassion. Most of her memories were inaccessible until she wanted the Truth in her early 50’s, and that’s exactly what she got. It’s a much needed transmission during this year of accelerated awakening. You’ll love her deep wisdom and ‘ of courseness’ that radiates from her. There is nothing you can experience that she hasn’t. Shame and vulnerability? You have nothing on this very wise soul who happens to be in a body. It’s all part of the set up to turn you into a joyful, happy soul who is thrilled to be here on the planet now.

We both want you to know that everything you’re experiencing now is NORMAL. You’re here to assist others in the ‘now what’ part when you’re more stable in that part of the journey. If it doesn’t make sense now, it will. None of the stories our minds make up are true. Let go. Go play! Find things to laugh about – especially yourself. You are a vast field of energy interacting with this reality.

We’re tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 8th, at 10:00 AM MST though I’ll keep you updated. The video will be uploaded on my YouTube channel, Wanda Vitale. You can’t listen to Kimberly and not experience transformation.

Life is Hard for Two Reasons

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When life isn’t moving at warp speed and situations seem to be stalled, OR when we have no idea what’s what. It could be something that makes us want to make something happen, and quickly:

This is when we listen to our thoughts to discover the predominant ones. This is when we pay attention to the feelings in the body.

While all of us have layers of beliefs we’re uncovering, most of the folks I work with have a few in common:

I never really get what I want.
I’m afraid to make a mistake, afraid of ….
Life is just so hard.
This is impossible.
I have a pattern of no money, and so did my parents.
I have no idea what to DO that will make a difference.
I am powerless to make a difference in this situation.

There are more variations since we’ve layered on a multitude of beliefs on top of our nature as a creator. A good place to start would be to imagine what you DO want. Imagine getting what you want, how it feels, how your life would feel different; imagine that situation shifting and see the joyful faces. Feel the relief. Drop the stories around whatever you’re feeling in your body, and call the feelings ‘frequencies’ (because they are) and feel them fully. The stories are ones you made up for your nervous system and mind.

Give yourself time every day to imagine your new life and new situations. Monitor your thoughts and language. Are you putting on the brakes? Are there ‘yes, but’ disqualifiers in your thoughts? Can you allow yourself to have your heart’s desires? Can you let yourself dream? Most importantly, can you FEEL them fulfilled?

I can assure you that when we are focused without resistance on anything that expands us, that makes us feel peaceful or relief, and tell our guides to make it happen with ease and grace, IT WILL SHOW UP in your life and hologram. And when it doesn’t show up, it’s only because the chemicals are still working and it’s not time.

Most of us are trudging through some very old patterning right now and unless we understand how to ride the waves, it would be easy to become discouraged. Nothing ‘out there’ impacts you unless you believe it does; every moment is one to start anew. Our lives are perfectly orchestrated to excavate our limiting beliefs. Can you look at whatever might be up for you now in that way? And then imagine the opposite. Let go of what’s ready to leave to make room for your new life. FEEL your new life or improved situation now no matter what reality is showing you at the moment.

You are a soul who chose to partially embody in this dimensional reality. Your DNA and body hold the remembrance of the embodiment process. Confront the old programming, create new neural pathways into the quantum field of all possibilities, let your deepest dreams reveal themselves and watch as everything shows up to make those dreams concrete.

The Squeeze

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All we ever do is over-write old programs: fear, shame, guilt, victimization, unworthiness and so many more! We keep those old stories/loops active when we keep referring to them in a way that judges them as ‘wrong’. And then we tell our friends we just discovered MORE to deal with! OMG .. can you feel the pressure and pain of this?

Who we are: a vast field of energy with many active aspects all experiencing some form of energy patterns. The mind calls those ‘stories’ or ‘lineage behavior’ with a judgment attached that indicates those patterns or stories were wrong, or harmful.

Evidently the separated mind believes it’s so powerful it can create mistakes that harm other vast fields of energy. It also believes in power over/powerlessness.

We know that’s not true – unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere for the last 10 years. We over-write old patterns by feeling fully whatever is arising (shame, fear, invisibility), flooding ourselves and our body with Love, Relief, Safety until the body relaxes. Then we tell our mind new stories that are more accurate.

The patterns we experience are explorations by the soul. How can we know what Love is until we feel what it’s not? All those old stories? From the soul’s perspective, they’re just interesting patterns of energy. Everyone is an aspect of you, everyone is playing this game of creating interesting energy patterns to experience how they feel. The idea of victimization only exists in the illusion of duality and some separated self that’s not Source. And that is impossible!

Embodiment always asks us to drop these ideas of powerlessness, of anything being other than perfect. And the sooner we can move into seeing everything as ‘interesting patterns’ and stop the looping mental stories, and the more we play, the more clear we become on ‘what’s next to play with’.

How Do We Change the World?

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With so much starting to be overturned in our world, our hearts are crying out to make a difference. Our minds tell us there’s nothing we could ever do that would even make a dent during our lifetimes. The magic of creation doesn’t exist in the mind. As my guides have said since day 1, when we live within beliefs and unconscious patterning of our mind we are literally living under a desk and believe that’s all there is. All the possibilities and magic exist on top of the desk where our minds don’t have access.

Since the world we experience is a projection the only way to create lasting change is to go inward. What in the world troubles or triggers you the most? Is it suffering? Is it the financial imbalance? Is it the lack of caring and love? Are you sovereign or are you looking for something outside of you to feel loved or to feel anything? No matter your answer look for the ways you’re not being the embodiment of the cure. Are you being the embodiment of abundance in all the ways it can show up? Are you sharing unconditional love and other forms of abundance? Are you hanging on to old stories in your life, the ones that create mental loops of why things never work, how life has been not good or wanting to recreate something that is long over? This is suffering. Are you caring with yourself and your friends? … being accountable, showing up with integrity and honesty?

The mirror doesn’t change until we do. Attempting to change the world before we change ourselves only creates half-hearted, ineffective solutions in a world calling in acceleration. “Doing” from a place of just needing to do something and telling ourselves it’s better than nothing keeps us on a hamster wheel designed by the mind. We can observe our thoughts to see where we’re not walking our talk and then commit to closing any gaps. Get back to zero point on every topic that triggers you – even if it’s 1000 times a day. Our minds are incredible tools when we understand how to use them, and as a friend says “where to put them”. From a balance of dreaming, being and inspired action, new solutions aligned with our unique path will appear.

You are a pixel in the outpicturing of the world. When more of us are being the embodiment Love, Clarity, Possibility, Play, Unconditional Acceptance, Unconditional Abundance and Receiving the world has no choice but to show us a different picture.

The Subtle Forms of Bullying: It’s Not Always What We Think

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Bullies come in a variety of forms. Some may be outright and in our faces. More common is all the subtle ways some people bully, and being the spiritual, loving folks we are (right?) we often fail to see the behaviors until something blows up in front of our faces.

Many of us have experienced narcissists in our lives. I was married to one and in my corporate sales life, interacted with them. On the surface they are bright, wise, charming and caring which are really adaptation tools. They use their money, their power, their self-righteousness and blatant disregard for anyone other than themselves to say: I have what you don’t and I’m in control. Accountability is always avoided at all costs. Their sense of self is ‘power over’ someone else.

When we look at other more subtle forms of bullying the symptoms are the same though typically masked. These people may seem caring though the mask of ‘caring’ is just that, and exists to get what they want from us: nurturing, admiration, validation, being ‘right’ by making us ‘wrong’, an ego boost. And sometimes it’s spiritual teachers to whom we might give our money.

As we move into this new template we’re now integrating, our original template without distortions, all the ways we give our power to someone or something outside of ourselves is showing up. Depending on where each is in the journey, we are moving into or creating a foundation in Source as Self. Everything in the mirror of our lives shows us our patterns and beliefs. And in the case of believing someone else has something we don’t, whether it’s a teacher or friend, it’s the signal to quiet the mind, connect into Source again, and pull that feeling into your field and body. It’s a signal to dive into what’s at our very core.

I believe the success of some spiritual teachers today is that they present a ‘this is what’s happening’ these next few days, or month. They may offer tools to ‘fix’ us with the promise to override existing beliefs. This makes followers feel safe which can be helpful. Though in many the enslavement program – the magnet that attracts – in the followers is never dissolved. Many never face the deep fear of not being in control and ‘not knowing’, which is the doorway through which we must traverse to be Source as Self and to be embodied. The only GPS we ever need is our own, which is built into our DNA and is always active. Ready or not we are all here to live as Source as Self. A true teacher will celebrate when you face your fears, and walk you through them, beside you. A true teacher will point you back to you and ask: what do you feel is going on? (Because there are a billion different ways to experience these deep shifts.) A true teacher will, without fail, point you back to the Wisdom of You.

Look at the ways you minimize your gifts. Celebrate the wisdom that is you! Look at the ways others treat you and how you treat yourself. Determine if the people in your life are committed to deep embodied application of spiritual wisdom. There’s a lot of fractured folks now. Look at all your interactions … do they nourish you? If not let them go. This is the time when we can accomplish such expansion in our lives, and no one can do it for us. Until we do our own shadow work nothing changes.

When we stop bullying ourselves by believing we are somehow wrong or lacking the pattern is disrupted, the old enslavement program is dissolved, and new people show up who want to play and collaborate as equals. Source as Self is finally able to emerge with its own magnet and plan for your life.