The Soul Mission

May 27, 2019 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “The Soul Mission”

The world is full of coaching programs that talk about ‘getting you the lifestyle, income control, time control and location control you deserve in the shortest possible time.’ This is an actual quote. Bless their 3D hearts! I can not imagine being stuffed into someone’s idea of a business if it didn’t make my soul soar. And I can’t imagine taking my work public under old 3D creation practices and believing fear based stories are true. I became very good (and exhausted) at pushing boulders uphill during my traditional corporate career. It just no longer works.

I am collaborating with a group of amazing souls who know we are here to take our sacred mission to the world and who Know we each carry a unique transmission and message that no one else can deliver. While coaching isn’t new for me, what IS new about this group dynamic is the quantum perspective everyone holds. It’s beautiful to collaborate with these people as we unmask the Divine Blueprint and witness its emergence in everyone. In the absence of mental programming and with access to multiple higher dimensional timelines, just what IS possible?

If you’re considering becoming more public with your gifts, find a like hearted buddy who will support you. We are not meant to do this alone since in unity we create more potent energetic configurations with increased magnetics. Find your Thelma (I’m Louise with my bff) and decide to be daring. Question every limitation. Get inspired about possibilities and let yourself dream. Most of us don’t let ourselves feel our deepest longings, and the longings are really the completed scenario calling us to it. Question every story your mind puts up and decide to move beyond them. Whether you monetize your message or not, the world is calling you forth now. Find a way to express more of the one thing you wish everyone knew because that knowing would create a powerful shift.

We are from the stars. We are the masters and angels partially embodied in this time space reality. We are here to create a new world and ‘what is’ provides perfect clarity. We each carry a unique transmission and knowing that no one else can provide. All the things the mind says it needs to feel fulfilled are shadows of what is really being called forth: the soul’s mission.

Is it time for you to step into the Unknown as the Real You?