Past Life Bleed Through

September 12, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Past Life Bleed Through”

Much of the emotional intensity we’re experiencing now is what I call ‘bleed through’.   Since the soul is projecting multiple lives/timelines simultaneously and only our brain’s perceptive abilities make it seem past, present or future,  it can be confusing when we’re triggered by something or someone.  In my own life the intensity of the emotional response usually has nothing to do with the actual ‘event’.  Talking ourselves down from the ledge and being logical does nothing to alleviate the cloud  of emotion.  We move through it when we do, when we let the emotion have its way with us and then on the other side, the ‘ah-ha’, the storyline shows up.  “Ah … THIS is what that was all about!”

Relationships are up for many now since they bring up the deepest parts of ourselves we’ve walled  off.   You may meet someone and instantly feel you know them and in a very short time deep feelings of connection arise.   Is this true attraction in the moment or is it something else?   When we’re not met with the same welcome and acceptance our unresolved feelings of rejection or abandonment are triggered.  Or anger, fear, shame, guilt … the point is that whatever was not resolved emotionally in that timeline is coming up for final resolution, for us to feel everything we stuffed down.

If  this is happening to you don’t analyze, don’t create a story around the feelings.  Let yourself FEEL.  Bless the people who have shown up in your life to bring up all the anger, the sadness, the grief, the rejection.  Honor the magic and magnificence that you are.  Let their actions inform you before you assume an outcome.

In my work with individuals and groups we do move out of the limited perception of the brain.  We can literally see these alternative timelines like movies so it’s easier to feel and observe without attachment.  We get to the understanding much more quickly and determine if someone is part of our ‘now’and path ahead or not.  Everyone is soul family.  Some are just not part of our ongoing expansion.

If you’d  like to learn more about moving beyond the limited perception of the mind and operating from the expanded multi-dimensional self, consider working with me.  You’ll be part of a tribe that has moved out of fear, moved out of limitation, and moved into the realization of how vast and powerful we each are.  This is such an incredible time to know that reality is so malleable, that star systems move with your every breath and that you are the light that is quite literally changing everything.