We are Alchemists

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We are Alchimists

How many of us really value our own pleasure enough to give it to ourselves? And not at the end of our to-do list, but as a priority?

In my work with people I’m guided in a process to resolve eons old resistance to being on the planet.  It impacts creativity, financial flow, relationships and gets down to being excited to be alive.  We chose this.  We were excited to use the rich material of the earth to nurture us, to create situations that were not available anywhere else in the cosmos.

We came here as Alchemists who could transform anything, who could play with the raw material of frequencies for the sheer wonder of it.  While we’re now transforming the lower frequencies of fear as we put our attention on the world stage, remember to connect deeply into the earth’s core and feel the excitement of your own life as a creative experiment.  Put yourself first.