Merging Wisdom and Emotions

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Merging Wisdom and Emotions

Our lives are always pointing us within.  During times when it seems nothing is moving we’re gifted with moving farther into ourSelves.  In every case a charged reaction to something ‘out there’ is a sure sign we have something to love and integrate within ourselves.  In my work with others (and myself) I see the many timelines/lifetimes on earth and off earth where we’ve been abandoned, rejected, betrayed, killed; have perpetrated killings, rapes, torture … awful things for the mind to experience.  I see how we’ve walled off parts of ourselves so that we never EVER have to experience those kinds of feelings again.  We chip away at these core beliefs until finally the core is ready to be experienced.  In my work with another teacher recently I discovered a deeply buried death wish I had no idea was there.  The integration was intense and on the other side, an entirely different level of excitement about living is there now.  Who knew?! For those of us who carry a substantial galactic lineage as I do – and many of you do – this represents a disconnect from earth and the richness of our earthly experience!  Our lives are always a perfect reflection of everything inside.

And what do most of us do?  We watch TV.  We engage our minds with whatever is happening in the world.  We spend too much time on Facebook.  We worry.  We give incessantly to others.  We do anything we can NOT to feel the rawness so the coping stories and mechanisms kick in.  And we wonder why our experience doesn’t change.    The world is really just many intersecting holograms.

Now more than ever it’s time to slow down and pay attention to ourselves.  Be present with yourself.  Drop all the stories running in your mind and its distractions. What are you feeling? Go there.  Love that part of you; send it Light.  Don’t engage with the mind’s stories.  We are becoming ensouled and all that is not Light is coming up.   It’s time to become 100% conscious.  When we marry the rich emotions of our deepest vulnerability with the wisdom of our Knowing, it’s Heaven on Earth.  And  it’s up to each one of us to create it.

Interested in accelerating this process?  Check out my website or contact me for more information.  We just can’t get this wrong; everything is the Path.  And we’re all doing it together.