A Testimonial

April 13, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “A Testimonial”

I wish I could find words that would sufficiently illustrate the power of Wanda’s presence and work, but they don’t exist.  The diamond activation creates strength, clarity and coherence at the deepest level and changed everything for me.  I can’t say this about any other work I’ve done, though much of it was immensely helpful.  It’s through what I have learned and received via Wanda that all that other work crystallized and came into true alignment for me, as if I didn’t know how to work with all that I AM and all that IS until I brought this template online. Since activating the diamond structure within my consciousness I have found myself capable of bringing to completion old patterns of suffering, of knowing I have the capacity to work with anything and create new pathways.

I notice where I’m out of alignment and have all the motivation I need to engage the changes I am being called to make. What felt perpetually blocked or stuck in my life has progressively opened up for me, and my capacity to flow with it also upgrades now with each increase in amplitude. I have become much more expansive in identity — I feel connected to my depths, to the multidimensional expressions of this soul that I AM, and fluid in my ability to respond with grace to the challenges and inspirations that present themselves. It feels like my sense of connection to what is most real in me — which has been strong my whole life — has gone from stream to great river since activating. The flow is unstoppable and impossible to ignore now. Wanda embodies a signature clarity and creative potency and transmits it in the most gorgeous direct manner. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work and play with her.