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Upcoming Retreat in Tunisia

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Upcoming Retreat in Tunisia

Tunisia on the coast of northern Africa holds many mysteries. The people there have passed down stories that reflect the presence of off planet visitations. Their culture takes for granted many 5D understandings many are just now beginning to hold.  We’re planning a small intimate retreat in late October that will immerse attendees in the energetic remembrance of forgotten cosmic codes while providing plenty of time to explore Tunis and soak in the Mediterranean sun.    More information and a website are coming soon!

‘At least 9,300 years ago, Stone Age hunter-gatherers in a now-submerged area of the Mediterranean Sea accomplished a feat that even most modern humans could not do: They apparently cut a 15-ton limestone pillar with precision, drilled holes in it and transported it nearly 300 meters (984 feet). The monolith is 12 meters (39 feet) long. Oceanographers studying the Mediterranean sea floor in the Sicilian Channel between Tunisia and Sicily in 2012 found the monolith 40 meters (131 feet) deep. In a new paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science, the researchers say this area became submerged about 9,350 years ago, give or take 200 years. Before that, the area was shallow sea with an archipelago of several islands about halfway between the island of Sicily and the North African coast. The researchers say the discovery of this submerged pillar may require scholars to rethink the idea of “technological primitivism” among hunter-gatherers. Researchers were able to date the monolith by extracting shell fragments from it. The dating showed the pillar has the same composition and age as nearby limestone. Seawater covered the area when the last Ice Age ended around 9,350 years ago, so the pillar is assumed to have been fashioned at least that long ago.’

A Testimonial

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I wish I could find words that would sufficiently illustrate the power of Wanda’s presence and work, but they don’t exist.  The diamond activation creates strength, clarity and coherence at the deepest level and changed everything for me.  I can’t say this about any other work I’ve done, though much of it was immensely helpful.  It’s through what I have learned and received via Wanda that all that other work crystallized and came into true alignment for me, as if I didn’t know how to work with all that I AM and all that IS until I brought this template online. Since activating the diamond structure within my consciousness I have found myself capable of bringing to completion old patterns of suffering, of knowing I have the capacity to work with anything and create new pathways.

I notice where I’m out of alignment and have all the motivation I need to engage the changes I am being called to make. What felt perpetually blocked or stuck in my life has progressively opened up for me, and my capacity to flow with it also upgrades now with each increase in amplitude. I have become much more expansive in identity — I feel connected to my depths, to the multidimensional expressions of this soul that I AM, and fluid in my ability to respond with grace to the challenges and inspirations that present themselves. It feels like my sense of connection to what is most real in me — which has been strong my whole life — has gone from stream to great river since activating. The flow is unstoppable and impossible to ignore now. Wanda embodies a signature clarity and creative potency and transmits it in the most gorgeous direct manner. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work and play with her.

If I see ONE more post in my feed about how retrograde planets are bad…

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If I see ONE more post in my feed about how all these retrograde planets are bad, I think I will literally combust. Only the mind believes in lack, in reversals, in attachment, in ‘something bad could happen’. Step away from the ledge! We are not our minds!

There is so much flow and expansion available now as we integrate these galactic downloads and remember more of the totality of who we really are. I can feel the frequency of what’s ahead and am sooooo excited! As an intuitive I have no idea what this will look like, though it’s only because the mind just doesn’t have a translation yet. We are in for huge expansion just ahead!

Retrogrades are good. My non-physical team shows me how our bodies and fields literally integrate a higher level frequency and restructure during these times. We also get very clear on who we are, what’s important, and what’s ready to be left at the curb. That clarity becomes the intention that is a frequency that creates our experience.

This is BIG stuff, guys! Dream, imagine, let yourself experience in your imagination a juicy life in every way. Surrender your egoic attachments to safety and let yourself be led to your new life. And don’t read the 3D astrologers!

If you’re curious about my work and the impact on your life, PM me. I work with folks from around the globe withh Skype. It’s time for you to become your own guru and leader in your life and that’s really what happens. Step out of the matrix completely and become fully stabilized in the crystalline/diamond/quantum field. There is so much magic here.