The Power of the Group

March 22, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “The Power of the Group”

As part of ongoing support and expansion I offer a weekly telecall.  We are energy workers, light workers, intuitives, channels– who are playing together multidimensionally and refining our unique soul transmissions.  Everyone participates in each session led by our higher aspects (our higher frequency multi-dimensional selves) where they determine what best supports us and how we can support current energetics on the planet and in the multiverse.  Sometimes that means soothing irritated neural pathways in the body, sometimes it means re-wiring our brains, bodies and fields to integrate new frequencies and energy centers.  We are regularly connecting with our galactic aspects and bringing in new information to disseminate into earth’s field.   Lately they’ve connected us to other groups doing similar work.  Everyone’s perceptive abilities, all the clare’s, have skyrocketed and the ability to feel the resonance of the higher/Christed Self is no longer in question when determining right action.   Fear is gone. The ability to command reality is evident in everyone.   No two sessions are ever the same.  We all come away better able to work with these incoming high frequencies in our lives and move forward in the path our souls came here to live.  It’s amazing to watch as everyone steps into the brilliance and authentic power they truly are.   These are some of the comments:

“For me it is important that there is support and such a variety of abilities among us. Each of us has a different ability, a different gift to share and to learn from. The group challenges me in a way that my laid back (or afraid to fail?) personality would have never challenged me….I have gained a ton of understanding, connection with my own abilities and my own path….believing in my own abilities and gifts was and still is a big one for me….and this has helped so much……and with it being a consistent weekly meeting where people actually interact it makes me spread my wings…..”

“We call in/receive the energies which are in divine “timing” and alignment with universal flow, rather than trying to dictate or control the purpose of the energies. In other words, we allow the energies to speak and reveal themselves to us, rather than intending any specific outcome or directing from the ego/mind. This is part of the re-balancing of the planet and collective into the divine feminine energies and out of eons of distorted masculine energy which try to control or direct. The divine masculine principle is also active in our group, though, as the group dynamic allows for shared leadership, authority, and action based first on opening, receiving, and inspiration.”

“The weekly activations are a way for me to catch up on the group energy and group process and also to receive confirmations and reference points regarding “navigating uncharted territory”. Sometimes my own awarenesses feel like faint inklings and I feel unsure whether I can trust them or whether I’m making them up, so when others have the same awareness/experience that helps me trusting and fine tuning my senses and awareness. Or someone shares and contributes something that is a puzzle piece for someone else, and so the topic and the activation for the day are being revealed through us sharing and contributing and receiving.  And after all, it’s a great space to connect and explore in curiosity and awe and bond with each other and the higher realms.”

“It is the place in my human life where I get to play and create along with the human aspects of some of my multidimensional friends, reflecting and confirming and deepening the experiences we are each having in our lives. We play at so many levels at once, communicating telepathically and verbally, holding different roles from moment to moment — it’s very joyful. When we come together we amplify each other’s remembrance and connection. Each person plays an essential role, and that role has many facets —and it’s an incredibly fluid thing. I feel it is so many things: a celebration, work of the most purposeful and joyful nature, council meeting, healing/wholing/remembering session, training camp, embodiment attunement process, gridwork collaboration, activation chamber, and love fest.

Meeting consistently is very important to me, as is the level of commitment in the group to showing up and being present together and being open to what wants to come through. The diversity in the group is also a really important piece. Every time we gather we become more coherent, both in our unique expressions in the world and in our collective creation.

It’s what I always felt was possible but had never experienced on the human level before. Sublime and transformative.”

“The weekly activations to me are a time for alignment to TRUTH. It feels like being showered with LIGHT, feeling it moving through me and coming out from me to this world.  It’s traveling to outer space and aligning to Light. I can feel the Light flowing through me and activating different energy vortexes in my body and field.”

“We come together and play in the field, allowing whatever shows up. The group energy is always magnified by coming together this way.”