March 25, A Pivotal Day

March 5, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “March 25, A Pivotal Day”

‘Through the alchemy of Chiron, Sedna, Black Moon Lilith and tomorrow’s Venus Star Point the deep feminine is working her magic.The Sun our Light embracing the Goddess at 4 Aries initiates a new cycle of connection- to your Self,to others and to life’.   Lorna Bevan

After an extended period of diving into some of the deepest parts of ourselves,  tomorrow, March 25th, is a pivotal day when everything we’ve discovered starts to make some sense and we can decide to move forward.  So many of us – including myself – have gone deep into our most lonely places, into the hurt, the rejection, the lack, into our old patterns to look at the nature of love in our lives … how we relate, what we are willing to accept, our inherent value.

With this renewed clarity and integration it’s time to decide what’s important, where we’ve accepted less than, how we’ve compromised the very nature of our connection to Self.  From this new connection to ourSelves we can make the necessary changes so life can reflect back to us who we Are.

If any of you have experienced deep waves of sadness and overwhelm, know it’s shifting.   As big waves of energy flow in,  the deepest most vulnerable parts of ourselves get stirred and shaken.  The unconconscious becomes conscious.   We are here to create a life that reflects our magnificence and holiness and the only way this can happen is to uncover those areas not reflecting that.  Life can and does change in the blink of an eye.  Love your hearts and know that all is well.