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Preparing for the Shift

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Make Space for the Unimaginable

This weeks brings a double whammy of the 12:12 gateway followed by a very powerful super full moon.  Powerful light is streaming in, activating dormant DNA codes followed by a release of more of our stories of limitation and what it’s meant to be human.  We are becoming self sustaining, consciously sovereign BEings.   Any emotions arising are just making space for more light, more love and more joy – if you choose these possibilities.

Every story we have now can be re-written.  It’s possible to drop all the stories and live as pure love and light in each moment, choosing the juiciest possibility as life flows through us.   If you could choose anything, any possibility, in any situation what would it look like … what would  each experience feel like?  That is your soul speaking directly to you.  Drop the ‘yes, but’ and just choose – then stay focused on the feeling of your choice and watch how quickly life is orchestrated for you.  That’s the magic that’s available now.

The aging story has been up for me lately and that includes my biology.  Our bodies live in our minds and our bodies dutifully obey every thought we have about them.   As I’ve come to understand – and see – with the team who works through me, our biology is an energetic light stream that responds to our every thought and command whether it’s conscious or unconscious.  Age is a number only and has nothing to do with anything else.  I invite my team in nightly to assist in rejuvenation.  As they have expanded and turned on dormant brain function my body is responding in kind with increased energy.    I needed new glasses since my eyes have improved over the last three years; a cataract is gone.  I  have more energy now in my 60s than at any other time in my life.

This is the time to question every default program, the ‘you know how it is’ stories you tell yourself and realize things are the way they are only because you’re creating them that way.   This energy ripping through our fields (and it is!) has the capacity to return us to zero point, where we are consciously creating everything with Source living through us, as us.  No separation … just flow in each moment as we align with our destinies.

Look at your life to see the beliefs at play and decide to re-write them.   I am amazed at how quickly our projections materialize now and next year it will be even faster.  Fear creates more fear; peace creates more peace; thoughts of lack create more lack. Saying ‘yes’ to something that feels good brings it in like lightening.   Look at the excuses you make for your life and realize nothing is set in stone.  Give up the ‘how’ and just focus; let timelines collapse and watch how quickly situations change.

In my sessions I’m seeing new templates installed, brain function expanded, nervous systems re-calibrated, old implants removed that have been kept us anchored in 3D and new experiential anchoring of much higher frequencies and realities.   Do the inner work now to prepare for 2017, the Year of Genesis.  And if you feel I might be able to assist you on your journey contact me to see if it’s a good fit.  I work with those who are ready to leave 3D in the dust – for good.

Do I offer readings?

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Do I offer readings?

Someone recently asked me about a ‘reading’.  To clarify this is what I do.

I am a conduit for a powerful team of non-physical energies that accelerate the transition from operating in the mental realm to operating from your own non-physical realm/being. They make adjustments in your neural pathways, in your brain, in your fields to make it easier to operate from your non-physical presence. But you have to want to make this transition.

When we become our non-physical self we choose our experience. We don’t react. We create. We Know. We realize that everything is very fluid and changes with our intention. Rules don’t apply to us unless we believe they do. We have access to ideas and solutions beyond anything the mind has access to and we experience seemingly impossible situations re-arranging and resolving themselves. We realize that whatever we give our attention to we create more of in our lives. We realize our focus is a powerful attraction tool. And ultimately we realize we are here for a specific reason for the rest of humanity, and that becomes the driving force in our lives. At that point your non-physical self lives through this body and mind you’ve always thought was you.

The activation I do starts the process though you have to want this enough to change your operating system, because that’s really what it is: a whole new operating system. The activation is $150. And thereafter to support you I offer a weekly group you can participate in if you want, to connect with others who are doing this too, to learn from them and be entrained by them. They are amazing people who are now flowing through their lives no longer distracted by the mind and its negative chatter.

The activation makes it easier for you to access/hear your own non-physical team. You will collaborate with them on anything that’s up in your life. They are higher dimensional aspects OF you. During our group calls we’ve been bringing in our teams and THEY lead us in a group process. For the last 2 weeks they’ve done adjustments on our physical bodies and nervous systems so we can acclimate to these increasing frequencies, as well as bringing in an accelerated stream of light to anchor in. With the light stream codes in our DNA are released and suddenly we Know things we didn’t Know before. We remember everything we’ve learned throughout all timelines.  The net result is that we live from inspiration, following the energy of what feels good, and not paying attention to any of the rest. Not at all because it’s a waste of our precious focus.

That’s what I/we offer for the $200. If you are ready to step out of the mental realm and into limitless possibility and into the life that serves the highest good for all I would be honored to work with you.