What is going on with this intensity?

November 13, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “What is going on with this intensity?”

Some are reaching out and asking what the heck is going on now. I work with energetics, see my team as they work with meridians and light strands in the body and how the incoming frequencies are interacting there. They show me distortions in the energy field, like looking at an xray or sonogram, as they ‘fill in’ old neural pathways, synchronize timelines and bring about changes in all the energetic fields.

As these higher frequencies continue to blast us, our DNA gets zapped and each helix relaxes. Light codes already in our DNA are released, codes that unlock within each of us memories and knowing previously not accessible. Claireaudience may increase, perceptive abilities may shift beyond the five senses. And part of this is the remembering of the authentic self, who we are before the world told us who we should be.

We may wake up and realize our lives have nothing to do with us or relationships are no longer tolerable. If your life has revolved around putting others first it will be impossible to remain in the status quo. The call of the real You can not be ignored. There is work to do here and that means coming from joy, the frequency of joy.

Self love is God’s love. Find more ways to love and honor yourself. We are each sacred holy beings of Light who chose to be here now. Remind yourself how magnificent you are. We are conduits for the power that creates worlds and can only be that when we are stabilized in higher frequencies. Let the past go, let the old patterns of self deprecation go. You are pure Light and Love wanting to express now.

These waves of light will continue to have their way with us until the mind is quiet, until no mental projections exist. Like chess pieces being moved by an invisible hand, we have to be so light that the subtle breeze of Spirit moves us. That’s what my team tells me is happening now.
For those who are ready and are no longer reacting to the outer world life is going to get truly magical. These intense waves of light will blast many out of their deep sleep of forgetfulness. They need all of us to remind them who they are. And to love it all into wholeness.