Dancing on the Edge

November 29, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Dancing on the Edge”

Dancing on the Edge

This week brings more choices to make as we head toward the solstice and 2017, the year of regenesis.    Life can feel stifling and painful when in fact we are creating opportunities to love more, to stand in our Knowing (beyond trust), honor ourselves and our truth more fully and in every area of our lives.

Next year’s opportunities will bring expansion which will require us to face change in our lives.  Look at this coming month as the time period when we have training wheels.  What does it feel like to test the waters as we dance on the edge of our comfort zones?  What happens when we let ourselves dream?  What if we experienced fear as excitement?  What if we start to trust ourselves more deeply and let ourselves be nourished by life?

Look at all the areas of your life that feel too small, that are crying for change.  Say ‘yes’ to the willingness to have them change.  It’s really all we have to do to start the cascade of events that leads us to a life that feels good and is the outpicturing of our deepest authenticity.   Let yourself have it!  Stop believing in the power of fear because it has none; its only power is to water down the good that can come to us unhindered.    Question all your beliefs.   Are they there to make you feel safe and stay small?  Or are you ready to live life according to your terms and let everyone else live theirs?

We did not come here to play small, or negotiate with the mind and its limits.  We are here to focus our lives into being without distraction from ‘out there’.  And for the next few weeks we get to practice as the world does what it does and we hold our steady attention on Light and Joy and let the rest unravel.  My team continues to stress ‘your destinies are calling’ and that happens by our natural attraction to things and situations in life.  It’s time to move forward without fear and give yourself You.