12 Steps to a Fearless Life

Do you believe you can make a wrong decision?

Is all the uncertainty of these current times weighing you down and keeping you stuck in your current situation with no solutions in sight?

Do you watch the news? Are you dipping your toes into all the conspiracy theories? Are some decisions difficult?

Fear is our biggest addiction. Most of us dip into some form of fear, even those who have conquered the depths. And even when we’re not thinking a fearful thought our body can constrict in doubt or a moment of trepidation. We’re releasing the response to fear as part of the continuing process of embodiment/realization. It’s an imaginary wall that separates us from the ideas, the inspiration and the grace inherent in our true nature as the Divine. Fear is an invitation from Source to expand beyond any ideas of limitation and our ideas of smallness. It’s an invitation to enter the realm of flow and grace in every situation and step boldly into an expanded life. So the key is knowing what to do when it happens.

Our 6 week virtual program is loosely based in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and modified to be a system for clearing and moving through the illusions of fear, and therefore self doubt and blame.

When we truly activate our skills of crystal clear cooperative creation, we become an instrument for Divine will by creating with love, truth and beauty.

Fear prevents us from taking action. It creates pain and disease in the body. Fear keeps us looping in old stories. Fear keeps us attached to what we know and the past. Fear freezes our ability to hear the constant guidance from our inner knowing. Fear takes us out of the moment and our of alignment with grace. Fear is a false ceiling on possibilities and magic.

Fear prevents us from stepping into the Unknown, where magical solutions, orchestrations and possibilities naturally exist. Fear is the imaginary line between being a separate human and a soul with a body and relishing every moment of existence, with the ability to call in whatever our expansive hearts can imagine in cooperation with other beings.

Fear is the illusionary line that prevents us from total alignment with All That Is, our Truth and every inspiring thing we have ever dreamed of in our lives.

These times on the planet are perfectly orchestrated to show us all the ways we’ve believed we are victims of circumstances. We’re isolated, at home, alone with our thoughts, with our stories of what could happen arising in glaring detail. Could there be a better time to join with others in a safe community to finally know in your bones that life is here to support us, to support your dreams – and to turn fear into discernment and curiosity?

In this safe container with partners in accountability, we will provide in-the- moment tools you can use to relax the mind and the body – before the mind goes down a rabbit hole of gloom or worstcase scenario. Each week will provide specific homework on: surrendering to ‘what is’, blame, accountability, doubt, forgiveness, powerlessness, the tools of creation; and one-on-one assistance. Daily meditations will deepen your intimate connection with God/Source and your own internal GPS that is always there, waiting to be recognized.

You will teach your brain that your body is safe. You will see fear as the true invitation it is, presenting a doorway to walk through and informing you that the energy of expansion (and more happiness!) has already arrived. When our bodies are relaxed and our minds translate ‘fear’ to ‘opportunity’ new ideas show up, inspiration hits, solutions to our current situation show up, people and money show up. We flow easily into improved situations and become the instruments of Divine Will we were meant to be.

12 Steps to a Fearless Life Course Outline

Based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, yet modified to be a system for investigating our patterns based in fear (and therefore self doubt and blame) in order to truly activate our skills of crystal clear cooperative creation. We become an instrument for Divine Will through creating with love, truth and beauty.

Supplies: a journal or notebook dedicated to this course.

Each week we will participate in group meditations, tools, exercises and sharing. Individual accountability for the inner journey and exercises will create a new relationship with life.

Week One: The ways fear shows up in obvious and very subtle ways as a reaction to life. Recognizing the Infinite Oneness that creates manifest form. Surrendering to Divinity/Oneness in resonance with Divine Love and resounding only with Truth. Learning and practicing the heart-based meditation technique.
Guest presenter: Dez Greensoul

Week Two: The Fearless Moral Inventory

Week Three: Admitting to Our Higher Levels Above
Guest presenter: David Maria, fear release through the Eden/Soul blueprint.

Week Four: Powerlessness and Forgiveness

Week Five: Daily Accountability for our Reactions and Responses. Modeling new love based responses and developing discernment.

Week 6: Living as Co-Creator and Bringing our Unique Gifts to the World.
Guest presenter: Skandar Reid, imagination as a creative tool.

Wanda and Cristine have both given fear the heave ho,
and translated anxiety into upleveling.

We know that we are multidimensional beings with access to every good thing that exists.
And we expect to experience the magic and flow that is our birthright.
We’re practiced at taking responsibility for any
reactive behavior no matter how subtle
and addressing the underlying subtle patterns and fear. We’re committed to

helping everyone walk that passageway into total Freedom and the wisdom of your Heart.


Wanda Vitale is a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and the creatrix behind the groundbreaking The Quantum Entrepreneur 8-week virtual group course. She is also the author of the upcoming book, “The Quantum Entrepreneur: Living Your Vision Out Loud by Activating Your Eden Blueprint”.

Wanda collaborates with a global clientele, assisting them to step out of the limitation of logic and linearity and into the expression of their soul mission as sovereign multi-dimensional beings. Along with her private 1:1 clients and group programs, Wanda co-facilitates sacred journeys and global retreats with a business collaborator.

Along with author and Unity Consciousness Activist, Peter Clark Nelson, Wanda launched a new 4-week course titled, “Quantum Mindset” in December of 2019. The cutting-edge course delivers a grounded, galactic roadmap for Quantum Entrepreneurs to navigate your inner world and how to anchor in and embody what needs to happen for you to maximize the quantum shifts unfolding in 2020 and beyond.

Wanda Vitale

Cristine Schilling

Certified Chios Master of Healing Consciousness
Certified Chios Master Teacher
Certified Priestess of Magdalene
Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Visual Artist
Member of the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids UK

Cristine Schilling has two decades in the fields of vibrational healing, mysticism, yoga/meditation instruction and spiritual mentoring.  She is dedicated to assisting every heart that wishes to remember oneness and live their most authentic and joyful life.

Cristine facilitates self-healing and mentors by encouraging the connection to and trusting of one’s internal guidance.  Through committed daily practice and self awareness individuals can develop the mastery skills for being at peace in the mystery of life and cooperatively creating life from the core.  She is forever a student of the magical experience that is life on Earth.

Three guest presenters will offer their unique tools:
– Dez Greensoul, EFT and tapping
– Skandar Reid, imaginative play as a tool
– David Maria, fear release through the Eden/SoulTemplate blueprint

Dez Greensoul

Dez Greensoul

Dez is an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting advanced practitioner from the UK previous to this I served in the British Army for 17 years and took my journey within starting 2015.

My role as your Practitioner along with you as we work together as a team, no therapist in the world knows you better than you do, the situations and experiences you’ve made it through, the emotional pain you’ve Passed through the other side of, and only you can really understand how that felt within your being.

But you do and so does your subconscious from the speed your heart was beating, the PH of your blood, the stress and cortisol levels, where you were, the smell, time of day, literally every conceivable detail was taken in. So working together as a team using EFT to follow the energy and release it freeing it from you giving that life-force energy back to you, to help you move through points of trauma and identify the subconscious beliefs made in those times and recreate them a new with Matrix Reimprinting, creating the most empowering, freeing and healing scenarios possible so that version of you in that space and time who experienced what you did moves from a place of fear, pain and trauma to a space of feeling safe, loved, supported, strong and empowered and excited.

Skandar Reid
Skandar Reid

Skandar has lived a life of adventure and creativity.

A lifestyle predominately in the mountains as a guide and artist in multiple mediums, at the end of the day he’s all about being the storyteller-shamanic healer.

David Maria
David Maria

David Maria is a natural born mystic, a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and the creator of The Eden Template. Through a literal journey from darkness to light, he co-creates with others to assist them in stepping out of the limitation of logic and linearity and into the full expression of their soul’s abundant creativity.

Working with a multidimensional team within the Monadic I AM Presence whose transmission accelerates the process of The Eden Template activation. David’s sacred calling holds this pristine container and assists those who work with him to step out of the limitation of logical-linear thinking and into their Soul mission as sovereign, multi-dimensional beings.

Along with his private one-on-one clients and group events, he is also creating a new Eden Template course which has expanded into multiple stages of multi-dimensional expansion from the initial awakening connection to Source,  through integrating, stabilizing and expanding the awareness of your multi-dimensional BEingness, assisting you to maximize the quantum shifts that are unfolding in all of us.

You will be invited to a private Facebook group, 12 Steps to a Fearless Life for sharing, support and insights and also the Zoom link for each week. This will be a safe space to support everyone and accelerate all the shifts into Wholeness.

Our program will begin on Saturday April 11th at 10:00am Pacific via Zoom and will meet on Sundays for the next 5 weeks.

After your donation you will receive a welcome email with the details.

Our minimum donation is $25.


Are you ready to live a fearless, magical life?