The Sky Is Not The Limit

Your most heartfelt desires are asking you to let go and live in quantum uncertainty

so that everything you need to birth your new life can show up.


Are you ready to live your vision outloud?

Wanda Vitale’s 

1:1 Activation Sessions, Virtual Courses and Sacred Site Retreats

Are For Coaches, Writers, and Spiritual Practitioners

Who Are Ready To Thrive In The Unknown!

You’ve heard your inner calling to step into the unknown. You know it’s time to share your gifts on a grander scale. 

But you’ve also wondered if you’re ready to show up as the real you.  If you’re reading this, the answer is YES!  

Wanda’s 1:1 activation sessions, sacred sites retreats, and virtual courses are designed to empower, guide, and support Master Teachers and Quantum Entrepreneurs, like yourself, to unlock  your blueprint to freedom.

When You Change Your Energy Field You Change Your Life. When You Change Your Life, You Radically Change Your Business.

If you are someone who carries a distinct transmission and inspired message no one but you can deliver to the world, and you are ready to embody your divine child, who is utterly excited to live in the moment to moment explosion of possibility and creation, our new, groundbreaking  The Quantum Entrepreneur virtual group course is designed for you.

When You Change Your Energy Field You Change Your Life.

When You Change Your Life You Radically Change Your Business.

Hi, my name is Wanda Vitale. I am the founder of and a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, author, and the creator behind the groundbreaking The Quantum Entrepreneur course for Master Teachers.

Whether you have identified yourself as a Master Teacher or not, and no matter how many people you’ve already reached with your healing gifts, message and mission, there is a new world emerging that needs what you are here to share on a bigger level than ever before.

Working with a multidimensional team of galactics and other beings, together we accelerate the stabilization of the first levels of quantum experience in you that at some point all of humanity will hold.

Wanda Vitale

This includes but is not limited to the acceleration process of The Eden Blueprint activations, as well as the Diamond Light Body and Rainbow Body activations.

These activations, along with the deep dives we take into working with the Quantum Field in The Quantum Entrepreneur course are not for the faint of heart. You have to be ready to change your energy field if you want to radically change your life and your heart-centered business.

To do all of this requires one thing above all else. Give up all attachments to fear. If you’re reading these words, I believe you are.


Schedule your “Eden Blueprint”, “Diamond Light Body”, and “Rainbow Body” sessions today and activate the true power of your gifts. Expect to experience life-altering, quantum level breakthroughs in 24-hours or less.


In this cutting-edge virtual course you will be a part of a supportive community and receive clear guidance that empowers you to unlock your blueprint for freedom as a Quantum Entrepreneur.


Step into the life and dream that is calling you with an inspiring and heart-expansive journey with global retreats at sacred sites. Learn about previous retreats and register for an invitation to their next one.

Co-facilitated by Wanda Vitale and David Maria, Abundance is the second of a three part
Masterclass series on 6/11/2020.

 You are New Earth waiting to express! Join us to experience this activation.

Quantum Entrepreneurs who collaborate with Wanda are saying “YES” only to that which is EASY, MEANINGFUL, & BRINGS JOY!

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“When the clutter of my mind, the responsibilities of home, the press of life threaten to distract me from my purpose, a session with Wanda always leads me back to my Highest Self. She essentially acts as a bridge allowing me to reaffirm my deepest calling to serve. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to be their most powerful and Divine Self!”

~ KE ~
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“More clients have been calling and I HAVEN’T DONE ANY MARKETING! All I did was upped my rates and changed my mindset. This is a testament to how if you answer the call of the universe and step into and believe in your divine power, the universe ultimately rewards you divinely. I’m soooo grateful for this group and all that is happening.”

~ SA ~
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“Thank you Wanda and every single one of you in the group. My heart is overflowing with love for all of you and what we have created. I am honored and grateful to have participated in such an awe-inspiring and amazing group of wayshowers! I look forward to seeing what happens when we all expand into our paths of love. I totally enjoyed myself and loved every minute.”

~ JM ~
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“There is no other path, no other way, and in that journey we surrender everything for we are stripped bare until there is nothing of our human self left and only the Divine remains, and it is truly a path of unimaginable Joy! Wanda is a Master Teacher, a Teacher of Teachers and studying with her is a transformative process. If you know you’re ready, Wanda’s assistance is like Diamond Rainbow Fire to help you on your journey.” 

~ DM ~

Is it time for you to step into the unknown as the REAL YOU?

If you’re reading these words, the answer is YES!